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Social Media: The New Snapchat Update, How To Use It And What’s Going To Happen

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One of the most popular social networks – Snapchat recently had a new update. Its biggest redesign since the app launched in 2011. Not everyone is happy about this change. What’s going to happen?

Few weeks back, the tech company split the app into two sections. Friend content is consolidated on the left side, and media content on the right. A slew of other design changes has been installed too. The big question remains ‘how to use the new Snapchat’?

· Where to find Stories – Previously, you could access your friends’ Stories by swiping left on the main camera screen. With the update, now you have to swipe right on the camera screen, to the new Friends page.

· The Friends page – The result here is a bit of a mess. Along with Stories, the Friends page holds your friends Snaps and messages and group chats. You will find all of these updates on one page, appearing to be the biggest source of confusion for users.

· How to find your friends – Previously, your Stories were ordered chronologically. Now, the Friends page ranks your friends “based on who you keep in touch with the most and who’s contacted you most recently”, as per Snapchat.

This update is causing an uproar among teens and celebs alike. Thousands of teens have been tweeting about the update and even begging the company to review its choice. There’s even a petition on, where half a million signed to “Remove the new Snapchat update”.

A Twitter user recently posted step-by-step instructions to revert back to the previous version. There’s a tiny bit of a workaround if you have an iPhone though… To go back, delete the app from your phone. You then turn off automatic updates for it and re-download Snapchat again. When signing it, go for the ‘forget password’ option and get a new one. You’ll be back to the previous version once you’re in!

One thing to keep in mind is deleting Snapchat will delete all of your Memories. To keep those, go into the Settings menu followed by Memories. Click Backup Progress to ensure you keep everything. With ‘Complete’ showing up, you’ll know you are good to go.

Snapchat is almost certainly not going to bow to the pressure! The modifications were made in order to help the company make money.

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