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Social Media: What Makes Your Email Subscribers Inactive?

By Michael Llundberg

Any email marketers invest lot of time, efforts, and money to create an email message that draws attention your subscribers, and when engages them to a certain level.

If at all you notice decline in your recipient’s activity (like decreased open rates, click rates, etc.), then as an email marketing professional it’s your responsibility to re-connect and re-engage them before they unsubscribe themselves from your email list.

It is always a wise decision to re-connect with past customers and re-engage existing ones, since investment to acquire new customers is much higher than re-activation campaigns.

You have an eye catchy email template, so what makes your subscribers stop engaging via your email campaigns? Below are few causes which could lead to low or zero email engagement:

Improper Frequency: The main reason for disengagement of subscriber is frequency. There is an obvious correlation between the frequency of sent emails and subscribers engagement. Lot of subscribers get annoyed of too many emails received from same brand or company and eventually they unsubscribe or archive it under junk folder or trash folder, and sometime they even mark it as a spam. Sending minimal amount of emails also affects their engagement as it’s like ‘out of sight out of mind’.

Planning an email calendar is a good idea, as it will ensure that your emails are sent moderately, not too much, not very less!

Be Aware Of Junk Folder: When your email message lands under junk folder or any sending delays, it does affect your subscriber’s engagement activity. In fact, recurring delays between sending and delivery cycle can cause problems, especially if emails contain time-sensitive offers, like a flash sale. This can be caused by a number of things, like lower engagement than similar competitors whose communications the ISP may route through first.

Problems can mount because of this; if open and click-through rates drop too low because of delays, ISPs may begin to route your emails directly to the junk folder.

Dead Email Addresses: If you aren’t using any software for to keep your email database clean, then you might end up being marked as spam, or blacklisted. If at all an email sender continuously sends an email message to any dead email addresses, then there are possibilities that ISPs might mark that email sender as a spam.

These days most of the ISPs strictly monitors such activity and sends your email message to spam folder without your knowledge.

Bad Email Content: You may notice minimal activity via your email campaign s when a user or recipients finds your email content bad like sending an irrelevant, low-quality, or not useful email sending bad email content, may eventually make your subscribers stop reading your email messages. Generally, the larger an email list results minimum open rates tend as the email message would not be more relevant to all users.

By investing more time, workforce, and money to create a tailor-made content and email list segmentation can help to increase open rates and CTRs via email marketing campaigns. Make sure your email content is engaging, conversational and giving more than one option for your email recipients to take desired actions or send responses. Including eye-catchy CTSs and multiple social media platforms can increase the possibility for your subscribers to respond in one way or the other.

Not All Device Friendly: If your subscribers are using mobile devices to open and check their inbox then you may observe a sharp drop in open rates. Make sure that your email template and design is not only attractive look at but it is optimized for mobile and other devices.

To Conclude: Acquiring new customers is one of the top priority for every email marketing professional and experts, but it’s equally important to keep your existing customers engaged and build strong connect with customers in past to re-connect. By considering above mentioned causes of inactivity of your subscriber may help you to build better email marketing strategy and get maximum ROI from your email marketing efforts.

About the Author: Michael Llundberg is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides. He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.


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