Scott Milburn

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Scott Milburn

Yesterday a 16-year old high school student from Pennsylvania wounded 22 in a stabbing at Franklin Regional High School. While motive at this point is speculative, on this same day there was another story that is attention worthy. This centers on the actions of South Fayette High School Principal Scott Milburn and Assistant Principal Aaron Skrbin protecting bullies rather than the victim.

The two school officials made it crystal clear that bullying at the school is an accepted practice. The Committee for Children a non-profit organization cites the no.1 reason for children not to report bullies and that is due to adults hardly getting the opportunity to intervene. In this case that is what exactly happened as a sophomore captured audio of fellow classmates bullying him with a teacher doing nothing to stop it.

So did Milburn and Skrbin thank the student for bringing what was going on to their attention? Nope. Instead had the recording destroyed and called in the cops to charge the victim with felony wiretapping charges. A judge found the student guilty of disorderly conduct, which is now getting appealed and rightfully so.

In this scenario District Judge Nancy Maureen Mcgraw-Desmet stated “Normally, if there is — I certainly have a big problem with any kind of bullying at school.  But normally, you know, I would expect a parent would let the school know about it, because it’s not tolerated. I know that, and that you guys [school administrators] would handle that, you know. To go to this extreme, you know, it was the only alternative or something like that, but you weren’t made aware of that and that was kind of what I was curious about. Because it’s not tolerated, but you need to go through — let the school handle it. And I know from experience with South Fayette School that, you know, it always is. And if there is a problem and it continues, then it is usually brought in front of me.”

Why then make the recording? In court the mother and child testified that he “had been shoved, mocked, and almost burned with a cigarette lighter on numerous occasions.” The student went on to say “I wanted her [his mother] to understand what I went through. Like, it wasn’t like I was over exaggerating it. I wasn’t lying. It was really happening. I was really having things like books slammed upside my head. I wanted it to stop. I just felt like nothing was being done.”

Those who took part in the bullying according to reports haven’t been disciplined even though there was clear evidence of harassment and neither has the teacher.

For Mcgraw-Desmet does that really seem like it’s not tolerated at the school? It’s apparent that Milburn and Skrbin are protecting those involved in the persistent harassment of a classmate and teacher. This illustrates why many victims choose to keep quiet instead of reporting being bullied.

It’s truly hard not to fathom the rage that gets built up when a child is constantly tormented, which makes what happened yesterday at Franklin Regional not surprising or another high school where a student gets arrested for wiretapping.

Until schools are 100 percent behind the zero-tolerance for bullying these kind of events are going to continue to take place and educators like Milburn and Skrbin need to get removed from their position of authority at South Fayette.



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  1. It’s actually worse than that. According to the quote you posted from the Judge, she seems to be protecting them and the school administrators as well. This woman should be removed from the bench or at the very least censured.

  2. Kid should grow up a smack em’ back, then. If there’s no repercussions, maybe kids can learn to defend themselves instead of letting it bottle up and shooting people or something.

  3. Bullies tend to pick on those that are deemed weak and secondly even if the victim does fight back they’re the ones that get in trouble for retaliating.


  5. Unfortunately this kind of thing most likely occurs on a regular basis. Administrators and faculty care so much about their reputation, that the proper steps are not taken to stop the problem from happening. Once the evidence from the recording was turned over to the administrators and police, it was destroyed??? ( isn’t it a felony to destroy evidence? ) An example should be made to the people involved in this cover up. If we the residents don’t stand up and voice our opinions about our kids safety in our schools, apparently no one else will.

  6. Well, if I ever see the District Judge I will make sure to knock her food out of her hands and pull her pants down in front of everyone. Think bullying is ok? I live in Bridgeville and am looking for you McGraw.

  7. So what happens when a kid goes into the school and kills someone? God forbid this would happen but this is how it does happen! You let it go and protect the bullies and bad things will happen! You need to change things or face the damage.

  8. I don’t know if she’s protecting the school officials or not, it seems more that she felt that it could have been handled differently though evidence indicated the school didn’t do much to help the student.

  9. I don’t think threatening a judge is the route to go and I don’t think she’s condoning bullying either. I truly believe that the judge believed that there were other actions that could have taken place before.

  10. So if everyone could have handled it differently, then how does it make sense for the boy to be punished? Especially, if they (the school or police) destroyed the evidence which is what got him in trouble in the first place. I also think it’s ridiculous to say the school didn’t know the bullying was happening or they would have done something about it, when clearly a teacher was involved. But no, let’s definitely blame the innocent child who just wanted the same chance to learn as everyone else and was HARASSED, both mentally and physically and tormented by mean-spirited kids who have no idea what it’s like to be mentally or physically challenged. it should be tried in a different court or by a different judge that isn’t bias to money and the school.

  11. I live right down the street from that school I’ve been in front of that judges mother when she was a judge the whole family is I wouldn’t doubt it if mcgraw was protecting the school and the school protecting the bullies.. chartiers valley was the same way when I was there and I got picked on severely. But I outgrew my classmates and starting dishing out to them what they did to me.. the teachers NEVER did anything except say that I started it to the principle even with witnesses. I hope that principal and assistant principal have kids that get picked on

  12. Bullies in this district get away with anything…So sad but true. Teach your kids to dish it back…it’s unfortunately the only way.

  13. Im so proud that the news finally picked up this story. This happened to a family members son and I was outraged he was charged with anything. Maybe now something will be done to stop this bullying!! By not only the other kids but the school and the system.

  14. It’s definitely an unfortunate situation it reminds me of a poem written by Shane Koyczan.Don’t think that it was going to become a police investigation, so can really touch on having the tape destroyed. What is shameful is that the two officials decided that the victim needed to get punished for his actions and chose to ignore what was going on.

    Maybe it’s denial or maybe it’s pure ignorance. Yet, there’s no question that both need to get fired immediately. Don’t understand how either one is an educator.

  15. What happens is then it’s the typical response he was “bullied” or he was “quiet and aloof with not many friends” or described as “weird.”

    The actions by the school officials is of pure incompetence and both deserve to lose their jobs.

  16. I don’t hope that either school official have kids that get picked on. I can see where you’re coming from and for some being picked on never goes away.

    What I will say if that’s true about the judge it’s pathetic if she’s protecting the school. Here’s hoping that that appeals process comes quickly and the victim is exonerated.

  17. Dishing back will not help, neither will trying to defend with fists. The best way to get rid of a bully is to learn how to laugh at yourself and say something along the lines “I guess that’s the case” etc….If you don’t show that its bothersome eventually the bullies will stop cause in reality it’s the reaction of the victim that gets the bullies going.

  18. Alright Franklin you made a statement about what was written as being inaccurate. Please explain how that is?

  19. As a student at South Fayette, I can confidently say that Mr. Milburn and Mr. Skrbin do not address bullying. Something similar happened to my brother- kids were torturing him. They would mock him, call him awful names, try to pants him in the hallways, and set him up to get in trouble, and the principals did nothing. They defended the bullies. I can assure you that if the student who was being bullied in this article or my brother were football players, this situation would have been addressed differently, but neither my brother nor this young man bring recognition to the district through football or other sports, so the principals help to patronize them and belittle them and their cause. It’s disgusting, and I can’t stand the pride that these men take in doing their job poorly and unfairly. Don’t even get me started on Judge Desmet…that frigid, repulsive, uneducated Viking could not possibly sound any more intoxicated than she does in the quotes presented in this article.

  20. I go to southfayette and I can honestly say that all they care about is their reputation and neither of these two do a thing when it comes to bullying… if they think that its not going to be big enough of a deal to show up on the news then they dont want to deal with it! Well it looks like they misinterpreted the case this time and woops this time they were caught but they are too pathetic to live up to it. South Fayette is straight corruption, get away if you can before clowns like these devaluate the school completely.

  21. Here’s a suggestion. Local people who are outraged should considered a form of protest where they confront Assistant principal Aaron Skrbin daily, calling him out for failing to protect a kid, for defending bullies, for not just ignoring but requiring the destruction of evidence, being a jerk, etc. I imagine it wouldn’t take long for him to complain about daily harassment himself and then perhaps he’d be able to understand why allowing it to continue in his schools is wrong.

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