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Southside With You: How Spike Lee, Ice Cream brought Barack and Michelle together

Action movies are hands down my favorite films. There’s nothing like seeing someone kick, punch or shoot another person in the face and walk off into the sunset like it never happened. This is what today’s generation of moviegoers seek. The violence, and I can proudly say that I am one of them.

But once in a blue moon, we get bamboozled into watching a film, maybe due to sheer boredom or raging curiosity. For me, Southside With You was the latter of the two. I wanted to know, hell I needed to know.

How many times have you seen Barack Obama and Michelle and wondered how they came to be? Who made the first move and what makes their union seems so flawless?

From the opening scene, you could tell we would be on an amazing ride as Michelle kept telling her mother “it’s not a date”. Now, if Barack never became President and we never got a chance to witness them together that scene would not be as funny as it was.

The “It’s not a date” has the world in awe.

Not to give too much away but to take a journey into what has to be one of the best public relationships was eye-opening. To see how Barack practically stalked Michelle then to see how she constantly pushed him to the side out of her own fears, it made them more relatable. To see how the movie focused on our President’s smoking addiction and his first speech in a non-political way come to light was breath-taking.

The movie wasn’t all love-based. We got to see a young Barack in his Chicago element. The poor area he lived in, how he was in awe of Michelle’s upbringing and her closeness with her family. We got a better understanding of the pain that Barack went through due to the non-relationship with his father. During the movie, Michelle gave a speech that resonates with many men still struggling with their absentee dads.

But the soul of the movie is still the fight that Barack was ready to go through with Michelle for her heart. If you ever question where this unknown African-American male came from and how he because the first African-American President then this movie will shed a better light on the reason.

It’s funny how a couple can be together for years and someone ask them; “When did you know he/she was the one” and they can’t think back that far. Maybe I read too much into it but I saw the moment when it hit. For Barack, it was always there but for Michelle, it didn’t happen until they went to see Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing.

That’s when Michelle let her walls downs. But just as she let them down, 30 minutes later, they were back up. However, Barack being the fighter that he is, would not give up. He had one more play up his sleeve and took a risk. And boy did it work.

Their marriage doesn’t have to be perfect and I can tell that it’s not but they are who they are as a couple because they are secure with themselves as individuals.

Southside With You lasted only one day. We know what has become of them but I wanted more.

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Mark Wilson
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