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Spider-Man: Homecoming: Why Marisa Tomei is perfect for Aunt May role

With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie not set to hit theaters until 2017, the casting of Marisa Tomei of Aunt May was just as important as Tom Holland as Peter Parker. With Homecoming going back to its original roots of a younger version of Spider-Man it was only fitting that Marvel went in the same direction for Aunt May.

The older versions were great; the cartoon Aunt’s served a purpose, but it’s nice to have a little eye candy now and with Tomei as May it may open the door to another connection. In Captan America: Civil War, when Peter walked in and saw Stark on the couch it looked as if he and May were having a little moment there. If the writers can somehow build on that, that would be great moving forward.

I know Pepper is still in the picture somewhere, but she hasn’t been around lately and Tomei, how can any man turn her down? At 51 years young she still looks as good as she did in My Cousin Vinny and being a New York native, able to hit the accent played a major part in her getting the role. Homecoming is aiming for that authentic NY feel for Spider-Man, something the last few adaptions forgot about. Parker is a kid, still, has rules he must follow, but the older version of Aunt May in the past movies was more of an advice giver. With Tomei playing the role, we could see a stricter version that could give better insight to Parker’s life as he must balance everything from school, fighting crime, girls, and household chores.

This is one of the few reasons I will always give the nod to Marvel when it comes to casting. DC goes for the big names, while Marvel looks to fill a character. We have yet to see what Tomei will bring to the role, but we do know, much like the rest of Homecoming, she will provide us with a change from the norm.

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