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Suicide Squad: What role will Joker play?

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“Suicide Squad” is drawing closer and closer. It is now a little more than a week away from hitting theaters, and the excitement continues to grow. Over the last few weeks the advertisement for the film has been full force with plenty of new promos released; some provided new footage.

In one of those promos we got a few more looks at the films most iconic character: Jared Leto’s take on the Joker. From the time this film was announced, the Joker has been the hottest topic surrounding the movie. With such a legendary character, fans want to know what he will be up to in the film.

Up to this point, everyone involved in the film has done an excellent job in keeping the Joker’s role under wraps. We have seen small glimpses of him in action throughout the countless trailers and TV spots, but nothing that can cement down what exactly he is up to; which is the way it should be.

The Joker is known for being crazy, and you should never know what he will do next. And that is exactly the feeling everyone has led into the film. This has not stopped people from speculating, however.

At the beginning when this movie was announced, some speculated he might be a member of the Squad itself. But based on the footage we have seen, there is no indication that this theory holds any truth. He is never siding by side with any of our “heroes.” He is not present when they are all brought to Rick Flag to get the low down on their mission, so I feel pretty comfortable saying he will not be a member of the team.

The next theory was he would be the main villain of the film. If he is not a member of the team, surely he would be the big bad guy our team would be targeting throughout the movie. However, based on the dead looking creatures the Squad is fighting in the trailer, I would venture to guess our main villain is somehow tied to magic. Enchantress remains a possibility, while some reports indicate a character named the Adversary. At the end of the day, signs are pointing to the Joker not being our villain.

So where could that possibly leave Mr. J? Well, I have a theory. And it centers strongly around the character the Joker is most closely tied to in the Comics: Harley Quinn, who will be portrayed by Margot Robbie.

Now these two characters share quite the extensive history with one another in the comics. And based on the footage we have seen, these two will have a pretty interesting relationship in the movies as well. So let’s start from the beginning.

That beginning is going to be the origin of Harley Quinn. It seems like a adamant possibility that Harley is going to find her way into a large vat of chemicals, and the Clown Prince of Crime is going to have a large hand in that happening.

From there she is going to become his sidekick of sorts, but more importantly his romantic interest. The two will share a very close relationship with one another. It will become a very possessive relationship, however, with the Joker feeling that Harley essentially belongs to him. She will not try to escape, though, as she will be crazy in love with him, along with being downright crazy. They will likely go on a spree of crimes, until the fateful day that Batman lands in the room of Mr. J’s pink Lambo.

After Batman recovers Harley’s body from the body of water where the car crashes into, the Joker will also be apprehended. This will lead to both of them landing in Belle Reve Prison.

During their time there, they will be kept away from one another, but the Joker will find ways to keep tabs on her. He will make an acquaintance in the form of the tattooed character played by Common (rumored to be Monster T on IMDB), whom will be someone Mr. J knows as he is a frequent visitor to the Joker’s Club (The Joker has a mob boss like feel to him, and based on some footage it appears he does, in fact, own a club). The Joker and Common will work on a plan to escape, and take Harley with them on their way out.

However, during their escape, they arrive at Harley’s cell to find out she is no longer there. That will be because she was recently taken away to become a member of the Suicide Squad.

Once out, the Joker will be on a mission to reunite with Harley. This is going to lead to some of the Joker’s best scenes in the film: his hunt for information. The Joker is going to hunt down the character played by Ike Barinholtz, as he seems to be the top guard and tortured at Belle Reve Prison.

However, this time, Barinholtz is not going to be doing the torturing, but instead be the one getting tortured. Some of the Joker’s more memorable quotes from the trailers will come during this time (“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya, I’m just gonna hurt ya. Really. Really. Bad,” “All that chit chat’s gonna get ya hurt,” and, “I can’t wait to show you my toys”).

Lucky for the Joker, Barinholtz is going to be one of the few people who is privileged to know about the Suicide Squad’s mission. He will end up spilling the beans before the Joker finishes him off.

From here we will not see the Joker until the climax of the film. The Suicide Squad will have just defeated whoever the main villain turns out to be. They will be celebrating as a team when the Joker crashes the party.

Harley will be torn between her new family and former love interest. She will tell the Joker she cannot go with him because of the bomb Amanda Waller put in her head. But during his torture session of Barinholtz, Mr. J will have learned they did not put anything in her head. They just pretended to as a scare tactic.

Joker and Harley will end the film leaving with one another. And the rest of the team, now with the knowledge that there are no bombs in their heads, after all, all go their separate ways. It opens up plenty of possibilities for all of the characters moving forward, and it will reunite Harley with Mr. J.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my theory? Or do you have one of your own? Tell us in the comments!

Article originally posted on The Odyssey Online.

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