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Suits: How USA Network worked its magic on season 6

USA Network aired its midseason Suits finale Wednesday night and to say it was possibly the best episode of the season would be an understatement. But Season 6 was far different from the others and for that alone, it will go down as the best 10 episodes of the series.

With Mike being locked up for fraud, The Firm had to band together and do everything within its power to get him out. But what happened in those 10 episodes, I didn’t see coming. For six seasons we saw one of the best bromances on national TV between Mike and Harvey but we got to see a different side of their relationship this season.

We were so used to Mike putting everything on the line for Harvey, Jessica and Louis that it was a great change of pace to see them return the favor. Mike played his role in prison as if he would if he was free. He managed to get his cellmate and wife cleared, got Frank sent to a max prison and managed to get home in time to see Rachel win a death row case.

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What made this season so special was for once the writers made the Law Firm focus on something other than law. We got to see the human side of each character and you could tell by the last episodes that there was a big change coming. We got a chance to see a different side of Louis as he was finally able to find love. Harvey realized that he couldn’t do everything by himself but to see him bend every rule possible to get Mike out showed how much he cared. Rachel focused on something other than her grief for Mike being gone and was able to help get an innocent man off Death Row. As for Donna, she was just, Donna. Awesome in every sense of the word.

When the news broke that half of season six would be with Mike behind bars I was at first nervous. I figured the writers would hit us with a time jump two years into the future, with Mike getting out, only to find that everyone had forgotten about him and that Rachel was forced to move on. But, thank GOD they decided not to go that route. The writers managed to keep the integrity of the show intact and gave us 10 of the best episodes on the summer slate.

What’s next for Spector-Litt now that Jessica has stepped down remains to be seen. But we do know that Mike has an offer on the table to return, Louis is on his was to fatherhood and Rachel is on her way to becoming a great lawyer. I can’t wait for the start of the next batch of episodes. Oh, how can I forget about the possibility of a Harvey-Donna connection? It’s about time.

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