Health and Fitness: 8 Ways To Knock Out Back Pain Without A Pill!

It doesn’t seem to be a lot shocking when studies reveal that 70-80% of individuals tend to experience back pain at some point of time during their life. Sometimes it’s temporary while a lot of times it ends up being a part of the lifestyle and literally drying out the life. Having back pain ends […]

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When It Comes To Health And Happiness, What Are You Waiting For?

One way to make sure that we have and maintain our best health is to consume a nutritional diet. Our bodies were not designed to eat most of the nutritionally empty foods that line our supermarket shelves. Our bodies were designed for the natural nutrition that occurs in nature. One of the prominent things that […]

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7 Health Reasons to Have Sex, Even When You’re Not in the Mood

When couples start their relationship, they have a lot of sex, all the time, anywhere and everywhere, you get the point. As the relationship is growing and time passes by, sex life suffers. You don’t have sex as often as you used to, and you sometimes don’t even feel like making love when a partner […]

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Atkins 40: Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Secret

The Kardashians need no introduction. If you are someone who is into celeb news and loves watching reality shows, Kim Kardashian must be on your top favorite list. There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a well-known star and her weight loss regime is no secret either. After giving birth to her son, Saint […]

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Living: Save Your Calories For Dessert With These Healthier Holiday Cocktails

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve upon us, it’s once more a time for family, friends, good food, and refreshing cocktails. Of course, it’s also easy to indulge this time of year, so it pays to pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re going to be partaking in lush meats and […]

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Living: Nutrition Tips That Can Help Your Long Term Health

Good nutrition is the key to good long-term health. Regularly making healthy choices and eating foods which are rich in vitamins and nutrients such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains can help to improve your overall health not just now but also in the long term. Unless you’re currently suffering from a serious health condition […]

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Health & Fitness: How You Can Improve Your Post-Workout Recovery

A workout is hard on your body, which is a good thing because you’re trying to push it. But you still need to make sure you give yourself time to rest and recover. When you finish your workout, you might want nothing more than to lie on the floor and not get up for days. […]

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Health: Secrets Of Cerebellum Boosting

What to know about the cerebellum. The cerebellum has many functions in the human brain. The central function is that which revolves around meditation of peaceful brain. It helps in coordinating and managing the motor activities in the brain. There are various activities that the cerebellum helps to control; the movement of the eye, the […]

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Health: Why Engage Meaningful Use Stage 2 Consultants?

Irrespective of the competence a healthcare provider has, it can be an extremely challenging experience to achieve successful Meaningful Use (MU) as per schedule. The issue becomes all the more difficult because even though many healthcare providers have attested to Stage 1 of Meaningful Use and received the incentive payments, the next stage has requirements […]

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Health and Fitness: Giving Yourself Grace, And Getting Those Legs On Fire!

I have not worked out on a regular basis since it was mandated in high school. And there was that country line dancing class I took in college (see, this is why student loans are so high. But that is another post for another day). So, when I started Beachbody nineteen days ago, I was […]