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The Big Bang Theory: Why should I watch this show?

From my understanding, CBS has had a hit show on their hands for the past nine seasons, but it’s a show I’ve never sat down and watched. What makes The Big Bang Theory so interesting?

Would it really be in my best interest to sit and watch what looks like a bunch of nerds talk physics and drool over women they will never get? How funny is the show? I understand it’s from the same creators as Two and a Half Men, which happens to be one of my favorite shows but, by the looks of promos that I have seen, it’s in a different league.

I see guys with superhero customers on, sitting in an apartment talking about nothing but yet it’s one of the highest rated TV shows in America. There must be something that I am missing. But what?

I admit I can see where some humor might come in as the nerds come together and made fun of one another. By writing this I can think of a few jokes I would have at their expense. But, is Big Bang a Friends knock-off, or more in the lines of Martin? I’ve been searching for a good comedy for some time now and I’ve been recommended by a few to give the show a chance but I’m a bit skeptical. I know with Two and a Half, it was the presence of Charlie Sheen that pulled me in but with Big Bang, I have no idea who these guys are.

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I saw a promo and thought the show looked cheesy but to be still ranked as one of the tops, after all, these years, there must be some greatness to it. I will break down and give the first five episodes a try. I will be back in a few days with an update.

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