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The Blacklist: A return by Katarina Rostova will set off an explosive storyline

After finding out about Mr. Kaplan’s back story in The Blacklist I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if her friend, and Elizabeth Keen’s mother, Katarina Rostova would return. It was reported that she died after stripping down to her birthday suit and walking into the ocean. However, as we’ve heard many times and finally seen in Requiem, her body was never found.

The mystery of Liz’s parents are vital to the show and truth be told, it’s built on the intrigue.

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington may be Liz’s father or he may not be but one thing is for certain, he fell for Katarina and she for him. What makes this story so compelling is that Constantin Rostova returned but a DNA test revealed that he wasn’t the biological father. If he could return then why not her mother?

Mr. Kaplan (Kate) is hell-bent on exacting revenge on her friend, Reddington for leaving her for dead after she helped Liz escape. Kate will not be able to take Raymond alone and help may be required. Rostova vanished years ago leaving young Masha (Liz) in the care of Kate but not before she gave her specific instructions to Kate to keep Masha away from the American (Reddington). Well, as we see that didn’t go too well.

Red has built his criminal empire to protect Liz but in the end, it could cost him his life.

How would a reunion with Red, Mr. Kaplan, Liz and Katarina feel? For Liz it would be wonderful as she knows that she should feel something for Kate, but her memories from her younger years are blocked. She hardly remembers her mother but Kate and Red are another story. Their history spans years and while Red may be happy to see Rostova, the feeling on the other end may not be mutual.

This will be all the ammo Kate needs to take down her former friend and employer.

The bigger questions are– will Red give in due to his love for Katarina and Liz or will he be willing to fight? The second and most appealing is– what side will Liz choose?

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