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The Blacklist: Has to be an explanation for Dembe and his actions

I was fooled. The last few weeks of The Blacklist totally had me convinced that Dembe had forgiven Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington for his transgressions, especially for the killing of Mr. Kaplan. However, I was taken aback when it came to light that Dembe was the one who poured the glass of Scotch for Red, thus resulting in his near death.

Did I expect Dembe to try to kill Red” Yes I did, I as explained in an earlier article? I just didn’t expect it to be this early and for Raymond to find out so easily.

There has to be some sort of explanation as to why this happened.

From the beginning of the episode, Red was searching for Dembe. Despite every illegal, deadly and backstabbing thing he does, his loyalty is to two people. Liz and Dembe. When Red awoke those where the words out his mouth, “where’s Dembe”? His love for him is strong but had Dembe grown tired of the violence and running?

Here is what I believe happened.

Dembe has to be looking out for Red. He knows that his friend is in danger and by giving him the poison he tried to slow him down for a moment at least and get a head start on finding the person responsible for trying to take Red down. He knows that Red has a team of doctors at his disposal, hence the reason Dembe dropped him off. If he wanted Red dead he could have easily just left him there to die alone but he didn’t.

The scene where Dembe is headed down the subway with the hood on lets you know that he’s on the prowl for something. He understands that Red has a target on his back but he doesn’t. Their relationship is built on more than money and crooked deals, they are family. They may fight from time to time but neither will let anything deadly happen to the other.

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