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The Blacklist: If Mr. Kaplan has final say, Liz will be forced to kill her father Raymond Reddington

What an explosive two-part Season 4 finale that was Thursday night. However, in typical The Blacklist fashion, not everything was solved or even explained. A few things we were able to be cleared up. We finally got the truth that Raymond Reddington is Elizabeth Keen’s father. Another was the demise of Mr. Kaplan.

As a fan of The Blacklist, I often found myself in the middle of the Red and Kaplan standoff. I like Mr. Kaplan, however, Red is my favorite character. But, shooting his friend Kate in the head was not called for and not easily forgiven on my end. I wanted Kate to get revenge but I found myself cursing her as Red was losing all his fortune, business partners and reputation in the process.

As the finale hit, it was clear that Kaplan had one more Ace up her sleeve, we all wondered what was in that suitcase.

The writers will have us believe that the remains in the suitcase are those of Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova. If that is to be true then what were all those stories of her walking into the sea naked all about? My theory is that maybe Red somehow found her afterward and buried her bones or that is not even Katarina at all.

Let’s just say that it is and Mr. Kaplan left this world by giving Liz one final gift. Although the gift may be a tad on the childish side, the ramifications that it will have will be catastrophic. Liz and Red appear to be in a great place now with the truth out and gave off the impression that she’s happy with the outcome as Red as her father. However, will that emotion turn to utter rage if she finds out that Red killed her mother?

Red has escaped death numerous times. While we knew that Mr. Kaplan would not be the one to kill Red, it may be fitting that his own daughter be the person to finally put him out of his misery.


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