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The Blacklist: It’s a shame that Raymond Reddington will not get to experience the Island life

Why do we root for Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington? By all accounts, he’s a villain. According to him– everything he’s done has been for the protection of his daughter– Elizabeth Keen. Bu,t is she really his daughter? With Red who knows for sure. The time frame matches up but there are still questions. This is why The Blacklist is a must see show. You never know what to expect.

Which brings us to an important question. Will Raymond Reddington get to spend the rest of his years with Liz, Agnes, Tom, and Dembe?

The same Island he was ready to give Mr. Kaplan in the Season 4 Finale. Now that we know he has an escape plan he was ready to offer his old friend to end their war– what will become of it when he dies?

As much as I love his character– he will die.

As he was forced to go to his ace-in-the-hole try stop Kate we also learned what may be his biggest secret. Katarina Rostova may actually be dead and Raymond may be the one who killed her. For the better part of The Blacklist– Liz has wondered about her mother, how she was and whatever happened to her. Mr. Kaplan went to great lengths to provide Liz with answers that may have come at the expense of Liz and Red’s new Father/ Daughter relationship. If the skeleton in the suitcase proves to be that of Katarina’s then Liz’s reaction may be one that Raymond cannot talk his way out of.

Imagine finding out that your father is responsible for the death of your mother.

Raymond Reddington already tried to kill her babysitter and protector but to find out that he’s the cause of everything she can’t remember may put Liz into an unknown state of mind.

There will come a time when there will be a showdown between Liz and Raymond. Dembe, Tom, nor the FBI will be able to intervene. Red is a smart man and will sense the danger coming thus resulting him to set up an escape plan for Liz and her family so she won’t have to face a punishment for killing an FBI informant.

The escape plan will be her very own Island.

It was brought up for a reason and with Mr. Kaplan refusing– it set up the possibility of Red handing it over to Liz. At the end of the day, no matter how much we love Red– he’s still a bad guy. He’s a killer, con-man and straight up gangster. But he loves Liz and will do anything for her– and that includes dying so she can live.

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