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The Blacklist: Liz is only person who can stop the Red, Mr. Kaplan war

It all makes sense now after episodes Dembe Zuma and Requiem. Since the beginning of The Blacklist we’ve wondered if Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington was Elizabeth’s father, however, it seems we forgot one essential question. Who is Mr. Kaplan?

We now have the answer to that question and much more thanks to Requiem.

Red shot Mr. Kaplan for what he believed to be disloyalty. But looking at the situation closely you can clearly see that it was ‘Red’ who was the unloyal one here. When he asked Kate to work for him she specifically told Reddington in their first meeting that if she had to choose between he and Elizabeth that she would always choose her. Red agreed to her terms and then went back on his word.

What was intriguing in this episode of The Blacklist was the fact that Kate knew Elizabeth as a child. Now we understand why Mr. Kaplan did what she did when she helped Elizabeth escape. Red was furious and hurt but Mr. Kaplan was right. Her heart belongs to Liz not Raymond. Over the years they may have built a strong working relationship and may actually care for one another but it’s nothing like the love they BOTH have for Liz.

Liz was always the center of the show and now we have a better understanding as to why and how all parties have come to be.

Kate was her caregiver and protector. From the beginning you could see the bond the three women shared. Kate, Katarina and Masha were a family but events forced them to part ways. Katarina explained to Kate that Reddington may indeed be Liz’s father and also that she was falling for him. Reddington may already know that he’s the father but Kate doesn’t care. Kate’s remark about Raymond turning his back on his family may have been all the proof that we needed in determining if he’s Liz’s real father.

After trying to kill Kate, Reddington has been lost in a world of troublesome emotions. Now that Kate is alive and has been doing everything in her power to seek revenge, it’s time for their final showdown. And to be honest– only one will walk out of it alive unless Liz steps in.

She understands that Red and Kate are friends and may have a history but does she remember her’s with Kate? If Liz can somehow manage to gain a bit of her past from her hidden memories then she will be equipped enough to stop this madness. She is the go-between for both Red and Mr. Kaplan. If they will not listen to one another or even Dembe then Liz is the one that could have them sit down so they can hash this out. While Red did try to kill her, they both felt what they were doing was what’s best for Liz. The love is there, however, it’s just displayed differently.

At  some point Liz has to step in or she could lose not one but both of the people who have helped raised her from afar. We’ve waited for the return of Mr. Kaplan and boy did she return with a bang.

Well done Blacklist.

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