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The Blacklist: Raymond Reddington or Mr. Kaplan? It’s not an easy decision

Name a better show than The Blacklist, I dare you. You can’t. It combines everything you want in 60 minutes. Laughter, intrigue, suspense, violence, love and any other emotions you can gather up. Lately, The Blacklist has been at the top of its game as it has drawn on the heartstrings in terms of friendship and loyalty. What Raymond Reddington and Mr. Kaplan are going through is more than a war. It’s two friends that have chosen to bring out the worst in one another.

Which leads us to the main question– whose side are you on?

For some, it’s an easy decision as we have all fallen in love with Raymond “Red’ Reddington and his brilliantly told stories and quirky side-neck gestures but we have also turned a blind eye to his criminal ways. We cheered as he offered up his life for either Elizabeth Keen or Dembe but chose to despise him as he never told the truth regarding Liz’s past. He has the answers but refuses to let us in on the secret. But it’s his loyalty that has drawn us into his trance and yet that same loyalty may be the reason we must go against him.

Then we have his friend, business partner, and now enemy, Mr. Kaplan.

At first, Kate was just anther one of Raymond’s flunkies to us, however, we have learned that she’s much more. Mr. Kaplan is the silent angel that sits on his shoulders but is not afraid to get her hands dirty to protect Raymond. We never knew why she wanted to look out for Liz and Agnes so much until recently when it was revealed that she was Masha (Liz) caregiver. Now it all makes sense.

As their friendship has hit rock bottom– who’s really to blame?

Red has always stated that he’s there to protect Liz but so was Mr. Kaplan. For years, she and Dembe have both warned him about the dangerous positions Red keeps putting her and Agnes in. But Red being Red only sees what he wants to see. So Kate did what she thought was right and what she told Red she would do years ago– chose Liz over him.

Red saw that as a betrayal and shot Kate in the head. Little did he know, Kate has a metal plate from a previous attempt on her life and that may have caused her to survive the blast. Now, Kate is back to full health and has one goal in mind– to stop Reddington. While Reddington has one goal– to stop Kate.

But if you had to choose a side– who would you go with?

Kate was protecting Liz and it was Reddington that tried to kill her. Reddington, going off emotion tried to kill a friend and for that, he was in the wrong. Don’t lie. When Red shot Kate how many people said “WTH”? It was a bad decision on his part. When we found out that Mr. Kaplan was alive we all cheered. We knew sooner or later she was coming for Red and this is what we expected. However, we know that one of them will have to pay the ultimate price in the end.

When that moment comes and the guns are drawn who will you be rooting for?

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