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The Blacklist: Will Dembe be the one to kill Raymond “Red” Reddington?

There’s no way Raymond Reddington is going back to any prison when The Blacklist decides to end its show. The million dollar question is: How will it all end for Red”?

I can see Red riding off into the sunset but that can’t happen. He is by far my favorite character on any TV show but Red has to pay for all the hurt and damage he has caused. But, how and who?

Many will point to the obvious selection of Elizabeth Keen but she will not be able to pull the trigger for personal reasons. Then you have the possibilities of Agent Navabi or Ressler but that will seem more business-like than personal. Red’s killer has to someone close to him and has a strong bond. Anything other than that will be a letdown.

It wasn’t until the Forecaster episode of The Blacklist that I figured who his killer has to be. 

When Geoffrey asked Dembe if he could kill his boss and Demba responded “I don’t know” it was then that it occurred to me that it will be Dembe that will be the downfall of Red. This season has been a coming-out of sorts for Red’s trusted sidekick. Dembe seems to be more vocal and has questioned a majority of Red’s decisions. Dembe has taken subtle shots at Red and with him arriving at Elizabeth’s door as the show in the final scene it was an indication of what’s to come. Also, we cannot forget the underlying semi-hate in his tone when the new cleaners asked what happened to the old one. You could taste the anger in Dembe’s words.

I will hate to see their bond broken, due to the loyalty both have shown toward one another but such is their way of life. Red is a bit outta control and if Dembe or Elizabeth cannot get him back on track, Dembe must be the one to end it.


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