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The Breakfast Club: Who should be cast in a remake?

With Entertainment News spreading all kinds of rumors about possible new movies and remakes I wanted to take a trip down memory lane, well sort of. With Hollywood having trouble coming up with original screenplays I decided to help them out with a classic. With all the violence, sex, religious and superhero-themed movies that have hit the theaters over the last 10 years, It’s time we go back to simpler time when the movies were well, good.

I can think of a few movies that deserve remakes, but two important ones jump right to the top of my head. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Both movies were classics in their own way but what they offered to us back then is what’s missing in movies now. Somewhere along the years, we lost the innocence of laughter and adolescents. John Hughes was the master at providing both and it seems when he died he took that part of cinema with him.

Today, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite movies growing up and wonder why no one has dared to remake this classic. Well, if someone thinks about it, I will like to offer my help in the casting. Here are the new actors and actresses I would like to see on the screen.

Aaron Paul as Jonathan Bender (The Criminal)

Paul would nail this role for many reasons. His quick wit, and his tough guy demeanor. All Paul has to do is bring his persona from Breaking Bad and we have a new-age Bender. Bender was the rebel of the group, the long trench coat, baggy pants, flannel shirt and his temper. Everything just screams Paul. Can you picture the scene when he is describing Christmas morning or what happens when he spills paint in the garage? Or the classic, where he is hiding under Claire’s desk and looks up her skirt. Paul is a must cast for The Criminal.

Beth Behrs as Claire Standish (The Princess)

If you’ve seen 2 Broke Girls then you know Behrs would be the perfect Claire. Behrs screams socialite with everything she does. As beautiful as Molly Ringwald was back in the 80’s that is Behrs now. Now, since this is a remake we are allowed to change the dynamics of the characters some. Ringwald was a redhead, but I love Berhs as a blonde, so that can stay the same. Another would be the personality change. Claire was so stuck up I wanted to throw her off the second floor of the Library. If they can give Behrs the same charisma she carries on 2 Broke Girls her character would be epic.

Tom Holland as Brian Johnson (The Brain)

If you saw Captain America: Civil War then you already know how quirky Holland is. I mean, any kid that can take SpiderMan back to his original roots so effortlessly deserve a shot at playing a nerd. Holland would pull this off without breaking a sweat. Anthony Michael Hall played this role to perfection with the shy persona and his deer in the headlight expressions he displayed throughout the movie. Well, until he took a hit of that joint and everything changed. I would love to see Holland stoned and start talking about the elephant lamp and the flare gun.

Beyshere Y. Gray as Andrew Clark (The Athlete)

Gray is the new kid on the scene and for fans of the original movie, he will provide a twist of flavor so to speak. Andrew was a wrestler but we will change him to a football player for the remake. Gray has the all-world personality for this role. As a star athlete, Clark didn’t possess that cockiness that most have. Gray will bring that same energy that he brings to TV every Wednesday night on Empire. I would love to see the scene where Andrew is stoned in the radio room and closed the door and the glass breaks. I can see Gray nailing that moment.

Shay Mitchell as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case)

I’m not sure if I could go half a movie just watching Mitchell and her not speaking, but once you lay eyes on this beauty, you will get over it. Reynolds was the weird one of the bunch. She hardly spoke, dressed like she was living in the cold and that Cap’n Crunch/sugar sandwich was just plain nasty looking but Ally Sheedy made that role, possibly the most famous of the movie. Mitchell can do this, she has that soft voice, the dark hair and towards the end when she lets Claire give her a makeover, we will get to see the girl we love from Pretty Little Liars.

Kevin Hart as Richard Vernon (The Vice Principal)

Vernon was the one that brought them all together. He is the reason for the laughs and cries but let’s not be so fast to give him praise. He was also a bully. Remember he tried to fight Bender in a closet, then got caught snooping thru school files. But his character, in the few scenes he was in was still great. With the remake, he can get a little more screen time but we can throw a little humor into his character. Hart would be the perfect person for this role. The kids could have some fun at his expense due to his height, but I can see him now, cracking jokes on Bender. How can we forget the scene with the toilet paper and the “ruckus”? That will go down in film history for the second time.

Seth Rogan as Karl (The Janitor)

Karl had a good five minutes in the movie but they were memorable. Karl: “Hey Brain”. Bender “Is that your dad” I had to stop typing just remembering that scene. Rogan would make those five minutes the best in the movie as he explains to the kids how he’s the eyes and ears of this institution. Then tells them the clock is wrong.

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