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The Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors are playing with DFS lineups nightly

The NBA has now become a league where the owners have become the guys in the playground who makes the first free throw and gets to pick their team player by player. However, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are on another level. Their lineups resemble those of Fanduel and DraftKings money makers.

When Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors last summer it was thought they may have the best starting five in the NBA. Looking over their record that seems to be true but, it’s not about who starts the games, it’s how deep can your team go in terms of talent from 1-12. The steady names are still Durant, Klay Thomson, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry but what about the former All-Stars on the bench like Andre Iguodala and David West? How do you contend with a team that has three players who average over 22 points per game?

The Cavs are slightly different in terms of their 12 man rotation. There is LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love but how can one forget the double-double machine that is Tristan Thompson and the streaky shooter in J.R. Smith? If that’s not scary enough, the Cavs recently traded for run-buster Kyle Korver and just signed former All-Star, Deron Williams. We should be expecting news soon on the signing of former Warriors and No.1 pick, Andrew Bogut. Yes, the Cavs are loaded. These two lineups alone could win you big money on any DFS site nightly.

But, why are they taking so much heat for wanting to be the best?

Fans of other teams have stated they feel as if the NBA has given special rights to the Warriors and Cavs. How is that? There are league rules in place and both teams have obeyed. In regards to the Warriors, they have built their strong core through the draft and the Cavs decided to go the free agent and trade route. But, after a closer look, you can see why teams are mad. Curry, Thompson nor Green were No.1 picks so that means that other teams had their chances to draft them. The same can be said for Love and Thompson. You snooze, you loose.

As far as Durant joining the Warriors, the rest of the NBA had their chance, they tried and crapped out. So, why the hate? Now, it’s the Williams signing that has everyone in an uproar. Can you blame Williams for wanting to play with a title contender? He had his shot with the Utah Jazz, Brooklyn Nets, and the Dallas Mavericks. It didn’t work and he’s not getting any younger so he’s taken his own shot now. Can’t blame a man for that.

I play DFS every night and when these two teams are on the slate I go heavy on both lineups. How could I not?. They are leaders in every category that a person needs to win the big cash. Scorers, rebounders, assists, three’s and shot-blocking. Now, their price tag may be high but you just have to maneuver the pieces around and know how to sign low on some of the bench players. 

That’s pretty much what both teams have done this season. They went top-heavy then searched and found the right bargain prices to put their team in the best position to win.

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Mark Wilson
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