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The Columbus Blue Jackets streak is over

The Columbus Blue Jackets are currently the hottest team in the National Hockey League.  They were on a historic run that ended abruptly with a 5-0 loss to the Washington Capitals.

Columbus was on the second longest win streak in NHL history.  They had an opportunity to break the 1993 Pittsburgh Penguins historic 17-game win streak.  A record that has stood for the last 24 years.  The only problem that stood in their way was a jaded Washington Capitals team.


The last time these two teams met, the Jackets won on what many consider to be a bogus high sticking penalty in overtime.  The Caps owed them one and they delivered on Thursday night.

The game was over before it began.  The Capitals having home ice advantage and the crowd behind them with signs stating “no streaking allowed here”, the momentum was all for the Capitals.

The Caps came out with a chip on their shoulder.  Having been there just last season with mirror image records just a year apart, the Caps wanted to the be ones to break the streak.  Caps fans wanted to also but at the same time did not want to assist their hated rival Pittsburgh Penguins.

Washington scored two goals in the first period.  Columbus goalie Sergi Brobosky was currently on a hot streak and so was the Jackets power play squad.  They were ranked 1st in the league.  Washington has a good penalty kill squad and could contain the hot power play team.

In the second period, the Capitals did not let off the gas, scoring another two goals and Brobosky was eventually pulled from the game.

In the third period Washington added another goal.  Braden Holtby had his 27th career shutout.  Washington needed to win this game to continue to compete in the Metropolitan Division, which is the tightest division in the league.

With the loss, Columbus still retains their first place overall in the league by 3 points over the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers.

With the win, Washington gained some ground on the Pens, as they are on a bye week.

The Blue Jackets streak was a thing to remember and nothing to hang their heads in shame.  They are a very young team with no big named players who haven’t had very good seasons in the past but this is the NHL and all good things come to an end, no matter how impressive they are.



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