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The Good Fight: Will we get an epic courtroom showdown between Diane and Alicia?

For those of us that miss The Good Wife, we were treated to an extension of the show with three brilliant episodes of The Good Fight earlier this week. As a fan of TGW, I was a bit leery of how they would handle mixing the old with the new but it worked out well, except one thing. I was waiting for that Alicia Florrick moment. Diane spoke her name when she encountered Luca but that was it.

You could tell that The Good Fight is highly based off The Good Wife as Diane’s new protegé Maia Rindell is a mirror image of Alicia when she first returned back to law after years of being a stay at home mom. The new show has legs and will have a great run but a showdown between Alicia and Diane is what’s needed to put an extra spark in what is an already intense first three episodes.

Their time together at Lockhart & Gardner resulted in a sisterly/mentor bond but by the end of the show, it was an all out war as Diane put the blame on Alicia for her marriage crumbling with the classic slap that summed up The Good Wife show. Both characters over the years were begging to be put in their place as each tried their best to one-up the other.

So, for old times sake, can we get one more opening/closing argument from these two?

I don’t want Alicia back full-time but if they can’t go up against one another then maybe they could take on the old Firm in a classic tag-team style the way Alicia and Cary used to do. The Good Fight will thrive without a cameo but for fans that have wondered what happened after the slap, this will quench our thirst for answers.


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