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We took a panel of NFL Writers and Experts and did our own live mock draft where each person was assigned 2 teams to control and pretend like they were the GM of said team. The list of people who participated will be shown below.

  • Anthony Joseph
  • Doug Rush
  • Michael Esposito
  • Robert Cobb
  • Steven Pearce
  • Steven Resnick
  • Brandon Dyer
  • Jeremy Botkin
  • Will Stein
  • Devon Withers
  • Martin Lee
  • Bryan Luis
  • Tristin McKinstry
  • Michael Gartman
  • Luke Jobson
  • Mo Schefter

The list of teams was Randomized and each person was given 2 spots in the 1st round of the draft. Here are the Results

  1. Arizona Cardinals- Jeremy Botkin- Nick Bosa- Interesting take on this pick as everyone else seems to think its a foregone conclusion that this will be Kyler Murray. If it is Bosa still a good pick but don’t think it will be. Grade: C-
  2. San Francisco 49ers- Steven Pearce- Quinnon Williams- With Bosa being off the board it kind of leaves SF with no choice but to go either Quinnon Williams or Josh Allen. San Francisco was probably not expecting Bosa to be taken 1 overall so the contingency plan was Williams. Grade: B+
  3. New York Jets- Steven Resnick- Josh Allen- Jets improved a lot through Free Agency and this player is the final piece in what will be a revamped Jets team. Grade: A+
  4. Oakland Raiders- Will Stein- Dwayne Haskins- Moments before this pick was made Oakland struck a deal with Miami that sends Derek Carr to the Dolphins and an exchange of first round picks. Therefore Oakland needed a QB and they got one in Dwayne Haskins. Grade: B-
  5. Tampa Bay Bucs- Robert Cobb- Drew Lock- Its clear Jameis Winston’s days may be numbered in Tampa but what’s not clear is who will replace him. Well this GM went and got Drew Lock. Two QB’s now going in front of Kyler Murray. Grade: C+
  6. New York Giants- Doug Rush- Devin White- Rumors abound that the Giants are looking to draft the future QB behind Eli, The guy they like Haskins is off the board so they went Defense and get a standout LB. Grade: B
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Will Stein- TJ Hockenson- Yes we know Foles loves his TE’s but this seems like a bit of a reach for this spot. Although the Jags haven’t had a dominant TE since Kyle Brady. I think if the Jags could have found a willing trade partner they could have traded into the 20s and got this TE. Grade: D+
  8. Detroit Lions- Brandon Dyer- Jonah Williams- Many years the Lions have had offensive line issues and past GMs have decided to address other positions instead well this year they get if not the best OL in the draft the second best. Grade: B
  9. Buffalo Bills- Robert Cobb- DK Metcalf- The bills get a physical freak of nature in DK Metcalf who will be able to help QB Josh Allen right away. I think this is right around the ceiling for as high as Metcalf will be drafted. Grade: B-
  10. Denver Broncos- Devon Withers- Jawaan Taylor- Depending who you talk to Taylor may be the best OL in the draft but some feel that Jonah Williams is. Either way one or the other will make your line better and the Broncos improved theirs. Grade: B
  11. Cincinnati Bengals- Martin Lee- Devin Bush- With the departure of Vontaze Burfict a major position of need for the Bengals is Linebacker and with Bush, they get a good one. I am sure they were hoping one of either Bush or White would be there. Without moving up in the draft they got a position need in Bush. Grade: B-
  12. Green Bay Packers- Luke Jobson- Andre Dillard- Green Bay got a little snake-bitten with this pick all their positional needs were already taken so they ended up going OL with Andre Dillard. Could have gone best available instead and taking Ed Oliver. Grade: C+
  13. Oakland Raiders(Originally Miami)- Anthony Joseph- Rashaun Gary- With moving Carr and getting Haskins with Pick 4 the Raiders went with Rashan Gary defensive tackle. Good all around defensive player and overall a nice fit for Oakland. Grade: B+
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers (From Atlanta Falcons)- Michael Esposito- Kyler Murray- Originally moved up to try to get one of 3 players available Devin Bush, Devin White or DK Metcalf. Swapped firsts with Atlanta and gave up the 66th pick. Ended up getting a steal of a pick and the future replacement for Big Ben in Murray. Grade: B
  15. Washington Redskins- Martin Lee- Daniel Jones- With QB situation in our nation’s capital unclear the GM of the Redskins adds a bit more clarity with Daniel Jones. Grade: C+
  16. Carolina Panthers- Jeremy Botkin- Montreaz Sweat- The fact that Sweat fell this far is a surprise but shows the unpredictability of the NFL Draft. In this Case, the Panthers got a great value pick here. Grade: A-
  17. New York Giants- Doug Rush- Ed Oliver- Still sitting here with no QB replacement for Eli Manning and the Giants pass on another QB and end up going with Ed Oliver who is an excellent value at 17. Grade: A
  18. Minnesota Vikings- Bryan Luis- Cody Ford- The Vikings need a lot of help on the Offensive Line and Cody Ford was best available at the time of their pick. Grade: B
  19. Tennessee Titans- Mo Schefter- Brian Burns- the Biggest need for them is CB they elect to pass on Greedy Williams and DeAndre Baker, instead they shore up the Defensive Line with Burns the former Seminole is a force inside. Grade: C+
  20. Oakland Raiders (through Pittsburgh and Atlanta)- Anthony Joseph- Noah Fant- In this trade, the Raiders acquire Davonte Freeman from Atlanta, in addition, to pick 20 and 45, in exchange they send pick 24, 35 and 106 to the Falcons. Great move from the Raiders if Freeman stays healthy he will be a force. Grade A-
  21. Seattle Seahawks- Bryan Luis- Jonathan Abram- Seattle has a little bit of a need for Safety position and they filled it with the best available S at the draft. Grade: C+
  22. Baltimore Ravens- Tristin McKinstry- Jachai Polite- Needed an edge rusher with so much departure to their defense, Polite is a good pass rusher and in this spot was best available for them. Grade: B-
  23. Houston Texans- Michael Gartman- Greg Little- the Biggest need for the Texans is Offensive Tackle and best available right now is Little and that’s who they got missed out on a couple of others if they would have traded up for but regardless got it done. Grade: C
  24. Atlanta Falcons- Brandon Dyer- Christian Wilkins- Finally after 10 picks the Falcons finally make their pick, although I think they were looking to trade down again out of this spot. Definitely a need for them DT. My guess is they weren’t in love with any particular one and this one fell into their laps. Grade: B
  25. Philadelphia Eagles- Luke Jobson- Dalton Risner- Again another team whos more pressing need is CB they elect to pass up on the 2 available and go Offensive Tackle. It’s a good pick but could have been better. Grade: C
  26. Indianapolis Colts- Michael Esposito- DeAndre Baker- Baker has improved every season and elected to stay for his senior season to better prove himself. While he is on the small side for standard CBs he is a top-notch defender and just what the Colts need. Grade: B+
  27. Miami Dolphins- Steven Resnick- Jeffrey Simmons- Resulting from acquiring Derek Carr the Dolphins picked at 27 and get a good Defensive Tackle in Jeffrey Simmons, with QB need to be satisfied by acquiring Carr they went to DT as next biggest need. Grade: B
  28. LA Chargers- Devon Withers- Garrett Bradbury- First Center off the board and he is the best one in the draft. Chargers fill a position of need and get a value based pick. Grade: B-
  29. KC Chiefs- Michael Gartman- Greedy Williams- Position of need for the Chiefs is CB and they get one of the top 2 CB’s in the draft in Greedy Williams. Grade: B-
  30. Green Bay Packers- Steven Pearce- Clelin Ferrel- A very talented Edge Rusher from Clemson, will be a good addition to a team who is in desperate need of sacks. Grade B
  31. LA Rams- Mo Schefter- Irv Smith Jr- Not really sure where they were going with this pick when they had other needs that are more pressing. Grade: C-
  32. New England Patriots- Tristin McKinstry- Kevin Harmon- The second WR taken in the draft and NE gets a big positional fill with Harmon. Grade: B+


This was the first Mock Draft and we will reboot it and redraw positions for a second one keep an eye out for our next one.

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