The popularity and The Corner bets strategy in soccer

Betting on soccer is not so popular in US as the football betting. But experienced betters know what to do, and can forecast not only on the outcome of the event, but also on additional indicators. One of them is The Corner bid.

As for today almost all of the top bookies offer this type of forecasts. Let’s try to understand: What is the specificity of this type of forecast, and how to use it to make money.

The Corner bids is usually divided into the number of corner kicks – total, greater than and less than. This means that you need to determine – whether or not exceed a particular amount of innings of the corner kicks. In comparison with other bookmaker bets, in the case, a quantity of the corner kicks – is more profitable to play on the total number (5 for example), this bet is much profitable than any other.

Betting on the number of corner kicks – not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To do this, you must consider several factors. Favorites usually spend more time in the opponent’s half of the field, respectively, the number of corners they earned also higher.

Very convenient to bet with bookmakers on number of corners in real time. For example, you can analyze the situation on the field and understand if the team will do more or less corner kicks. For example, if a favorite missed the goal at the beginning of the match, he obviously tries to recoup and actively go on the attack. This alignment will greatly increase the number of corners, and you can make a profitable outlook.

Thus, The Corner Bets are gaining more and more popularity in the modern betting. Making such predictions is not very difficult. As is the case with classical Ordinaries you just need to carefully analyze all the information on the basis of the outcome of the bet. Such an approach and a little bit of luck is required to help you win from the bookie significant amount of money.

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