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The reason why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cannot get a divorce

The Hollywood rumor mill has been busy ever since there were rumors of a possible hookup between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now that they are married the gossip hounds have not quieted down any. One day they are happy and the next they have Kim filing for divorce. But, the two are still going strong despite those rumors.

It has to be hard living in the spotlight, let alone having a high-profile relationship like they do. Kim is the Reality Queen and Kanye is the outspoken Hip Hop star. Separately they are a force but together they are a movement. Not a day goes by where one is not in the gossip headline. But, while we sit back and laugh at their antics, you have to give credit to them for their staying power.

Kanye has the music which made him as popular as he is and Kim, well she owns the longest run in 15-minutes of fame in the history of any celebrity.

Throughout their union, they have been loads of trouble. Reports of Kanye cheating, Kim and her family being too controlling and the issue of Kanye friends, Jay Z and Beyonce not giving their marriage the respect that Kanye gives theirs. But, they’re still together despite it all, and it may very well stay that way for a long time.

Never mind the kids. This is one hell of a business arrangement. I’m not saying that they don’t love one another but a relationship with two well-searched celebrities always will make the headlines. Keeping up with the Kardashians is still going strong. There was a time when Kanye would not appear on the show, but give it another year or two and you can guarantee that there will be a Mr. and Mrs. West show hitting E soon enough. This is what they do. They entertain, not only themselves but the world.

Tight dresses, brash behavior, and bold statement are what makes them work. But to end all of that would be career suicide. Kanye is no longer looked upon as a leader in the Hip Hop world and Kim is seen as nothing but a model and Reality TV star. If they were to take each other out the picture, they may still shine but not as bright as they do as a couple. Just the cold hard facts.

A divorce would ruin their image and if you now anything about them, their image is more important than a marriage.

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Mark Wilson
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