This Professional Athlete Just Admitted She is Indeed Dating Aaron Rodgers

Well, it’s finally been confirmed, one of the most eligible bachelors is once again of the market and in a relationship with a celebrity. Danica Patrick verified that she is indeed dating Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

The two extremely popular athletes just recently ended relationships; Rodgers, after three years with actress Olivia Munn. Patrick, after five years with Ricky Stenhouse Jr., a fellow NASCAR driver.

Rodgers and Patrick were seen eating together Saturday night with some friends at a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple reportedly sat next to each other but didn’t display any real type of affection.

Patrick is actually a Bears fan but definitely has a thing for the rival quarterback. “I told him a long time ago I’d always root for him as a player.” She said, referencing the first time they met at the 2012 ESPY Awards. “Now I’m probably going to cheer for the whole team. Take out the word ‘probably.’ Now I’m going to cheer for the whole team.”

The news coincides with the fact that Patrick plans to retire from NASCAR after another run at the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500. Rodgers season just ended a few weeks ago. So the couple who has been linked together since the beginning of 2018 should have some time available to get to know each before their future commitments begin.

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