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Thor Ragnarok: Marvel may have found their buddy movie with Thor and Hulk

It goes back to cops movies, comedies, action and even cartoons. For years movie studios have tried their best to find the right pairing for the best buddy movie. Well, it seems that Marvel has finally found theirs with Thor: Ragnarok. Our favorite hammer throwing Avenger will pair up with The Hulk in his latest installment.

Why is this such great news?

Has anyone seen The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron? As great as they were with the assembled cast it was Thor and The Hulk that stole the show. Their classic fight scenes will leave you on the floor in giggles and for Marvel to bank on that with Ragnarok was pure genius.


In Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap sort of had a buddy with Bucky. While their chemistry was great in both movies it was more action and not a real mismatched of characters like The Hulk and Thor were. Spider-Man and IronMan will team up in the Spider-Man: Homecoming this year but the age difference there sort of throws that one out the window in terms of authenticity. It’s not that Marvel has failed in this department but this pairing has the makings of one that could be great.

Fans have waited for another solo Hulk film and while we may never get one, an increased amount of screen time with Thor may ease some of that pain.

At the end of Ultron, we saw The Hulk in a spacecraft heading away as he wants to deal with his issues alone while also running away from a possible romance with the Black Widow. During his travels, he will team up with Thor but for how long we have no idea. What we do know is that Thor will go toe-to-toe with his brother Loki again and we all know the history between Hulk and Loki.

It would be a shame for Marvel to waste such a great opportunity with two polarizing characters in the same movie. One thing for sure is that we know they will do battle Gladiator style but after that, they must team up and defeat Loki and Hela. It’s only right.

But wait– there’s a third with the addition of Dr. Strange.


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