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Timberlands: The boots for all seasons, according to us New York residents

I can’t even recall when Timberlands became so popular. I remember seeing construction workers wearing them due to the steel toe inside but when did they actually become a fad in the African-American neighborhoods? It’s like, one day one person had them on and then EVERYONE had them on. 

It’s no longer a fad to the community, it’s a way of life. I’ve lived up and down the east coast and Timberlands are worn in the black community no matter where you go but it’s a little different in New York.

For us, it’s like underwear. We wear Tims all seasons, all year round no matter the weather. But, there’s a catch to it. Tims are universal but we have a pair for each occasion. It may be the same pair, color and all but we will not wear our fresh pair in the rain or snow. Those specific conditions get the old ones that we have thrown in the bottom of the closet. 

Tims over the years has evolved into much more than the normal constructs that you see every day. There are so many kinds and colors that they have lost their luster some but, to the original supporters, nothing is better. We still have our love for Air Force Ones and Jordan’s but the classic Constructs are like the official heartbeat of the NYC street. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem to Manhattan, we wear them with pride. 

I’ve seen them worn in wedding, funerals, proms and anywhere else you are supposed to be forbidden to wear them at. Most people can’t wait till the winter time to break theirs out but in NYC we don’t care. It could be 100 degrees and we will rock them with a pair of basketball shorts and a wife-beater. Tims are never tied like sneakers, we like them loose for some reason, just the style here. Styles may be the same elsewhere but when you think NYC urban wear, we are often associated with Tims.


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Mark Wilson
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