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It’s time for The Kardashians to be erased from our memories

It’s hard to hate someone you’ve never met in person, but The Kardashians are not just anybody. We know them even though they don’t know us. They are the 15 minutes of fame that has lasted 14:59 seconds too long. And the sad part is, they dragged along others into their mess, and now I just want them all to be erased from our memories.

It was reported that ring-leader of the family, Kim, was robbed in Paris and they got away with almost $10M in jewelry and cellphones as they were dressed as police officers and wearing a mask. Yeah okay, like that story makes any sense. If you have on a cop uniform what do you need a mask for? Now, TMZ has reported that only one cell phone was stolen, not the original two and there is no surveillance footage available. Wait. So Kim Kardashian and her family booked a hotel/apartment in Paris where there are no Like someone is truly buying that story.

How can I allow my daughter to come up watching a public figure become a man magnet for different men, almost weekly? I said earlier in one of my other articles that early on, Khloe was my favorite. This was when she seemed to be the sane one. She had, what seemed like a great marriage with Lamar Odom, wasn’t involved in any real scandals, but them BOOM, it all changed. She has become the poster girl for NBA players, and we are supposed to let that sit with us when little girls have their eyes glued to the TV watching them?

Kourtney was the first with kids, but it’s funny how she’s the one that seems to get the pass. She and Scott have a family, but Kourtney refuses to marry Scott due to his personality and drunk ways. But it’s okay to continue to lay down and make kids with him? What kind of message is that sending? If that were a man doing this, he would get repeatedly bashed in the media, but since it’s a Kardashian, it’s deemed suitable.

The little sister has done nothing but follows in their big sister’s shoes, and that’s what makes this whole situation messy. These are the same little girls that we are raising in our homes and you can see what influence can lead to. There are no role models in that family and while it may expand the brand a few million dollars it has hurt the way others view American families.

It’s just a total mess when describing the Kardashians. Have they not looked in the mirror and watched themselves? Rob is dating the ex-girlfriend/baby mother of his little sister’s boyfriend and they now have their reality show. Their father/step-father is transgender, and the mother is out running around with men half her age trying to relive some golden time when that was cool.

But yet, they have us pulled in, we are under their spell and have been for the past nine years or so. But it’s time we stopped. The Kardashians are famous because we made them famous. They can’t sing, rap, dance or anything like that. They are socialites at best, which makes them relevant because we deem them to be. If we stop, they will be forced to stop. It’s as simple as that.

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Mark Wilson
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