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TNA rumors: Dixie Carter on the way out?

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It seems that Dixie Carter may be out of TNA completely.

Reports indicate that TNA chairman Dixie Carter may be on her way out of the company that she helped build. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, despite what is being said publicly about the situation, all signs are pointing that she is now “completely “ out of power and is pretty much on her way out.

She was not at the last two tapings in Orlando and as Dave Meltzer said that he was told by someone else that newly appointed President of TNA Bill Corgan’s recent appearance on Vince Russo’s podcast may have raised some red flags about the situation with Dixie Carter.

He said to Vince Russo, “ I am the President, I do have an ownership stake. It is a fluctuating situation, which I cannot talk about certain details because of it. I would say it is moving progressively into a positive direction, because at the end of the day, the company (TNA) needs resources and the funding to continue, and I think those are good decisions that been made so, whether or not at the end of the day I or somebody else ends up owning the majority stake or Dixie keeps her stake.”

He was promoted to the position of President very recently after it was reported that he had bought an ownership stake in the company. Dixie Carter ended up becoming chairperson and Chief Strategy Officer.

Dixie Carter has been with TNA since they started in 2002 as she began in corporate and ended up becoming an on-screen character in 2009 when she was interviewing Bobby Lashley who had just signed with the company. If she does in fact, leave TNA it should not come as a shocker because TNA has had a lot of financial problems for some time. There is the old saying that new leadership never hurt anyone, so it will be interesting to see if Billy Corgan can do great things for TNA.    

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