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Training Day: Bryan Cranston will be perfect to replace Bill Paxton

With the sudden death of Training Day star and lead actor, Bill Paxton, CBS will now be forced to make a decision about a show that was just beginning to pick up steam. Training Day is only four episodes in but the storyline was just starting to take form. The good news for fans is that Paxton finished the first season’s orders, meaning we will get an entire season of Paxton before the plug is either pulled or extended.

If the show is extended then the network must decide the direction they want to go in. The first season has been built around the mystery of Frank Roarke’s old partner which just happens to be his new trainee, Kyle’s father. His father was killed in a botched robbery he was told but he learned otherwise when he joined Roarke’s unit that it was more to the story.

Now that we know that Frank may have had something to do with it, the question now is; how will Training Day end the season? Will we find the truth about Kyle’s dad or was this storyline supposed to go on for the entire airing of the show? This will really be the deciding factor in regards to how CBS handles another season or not. That and the recasting of the lead actor.

There are many names that can be thrown out there but only one will have the drawing power needed to save Training Day. Bryan Cranston.

Yes, Mr. Walter White himself. Think back to Breaking Bad and White’s character. He was kind-hearted in the beginning but as the seasons progressed he became a stone-cold killer and methodical planner. He has the comedic chops to play Frank as the writers will provide plenty of one-liners but it’s his star power that CBS craves. Training Day was already on the bubble as far as a renewal goes, Cranston can change that.

If the show did indeed wrap up the death of Kyle’s father then the second season can start fresh with a new leader of the crew. 

If it didn’t wrap things up then adding Cranston as Frank could go off without a hitch. The age is just right and we get a chance to see our favorite Robin Hood/ Villain in action on the small screen again.

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