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Tricky Dick and the Cover Ups: Cleveland-based cover band climbing the charts

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Whether or not you want to listen to today’s top hits or a few songs from the old days, the cover band Tricky Dick and the Cover Up’s plays a little of everything for all ages.

You might think of Tricky Dick as being former President Richard Nixon aka “Tricky Dicky” but they are actually Northeast Ohio’s largest and vastly growing cover band with an ever expanding 200+ playlist.

dsc_0144vintagebw600x518The members consisting of this band are Tony Howard (Lead vocals, Bass) Jeph Harmozis (Keyboard, Guitar, Lead Vocals) Matt Johnson (Drums, Lead Vocals) and Doug Schulze (Guitar, Bass, Vocals).

These four men are extremely talented and have multi-faceted musical abilities which range from vocals to playing many different instruments. They will pull you in with their stage presence and keep you with their exuberant energy all throughout their sets.

Tricky Dick and The Cover Ups have ventured across all of Ohio including Toledo, Whiskey Island, House of Blues and can’t forget about their home base bar Around the Corner which is located in Lakewood.

They have also played on the Eastern Coast as well as do special events and even weddings!

The energy associated with their shows is phenomenal in a sense of interaction and they thrive on their fans reactions. Don’t be fooled though as they have the same stories of any other band you would think of including rock star behavior in hotels and risque romps on the town. Nothing like giving a new meaning to partying like rock stars!

Every show is like none other and is a new experience that everyone must see at least once! So grab your dancing shoes and find a local show near you to check out the astounding lights and sounds coming from this popular band.

Tricky Dick and The Cover Ups recently played at House of Blues venue on August 4th for the 80’s Vs. 90’s Decades Collide featuring Biz Markie. Tricky Dick covered the 90’s era while Billy Likes Soda, another cover band, played tribute to the 80’s era.

Tricky Dick knocked this one out of the park by playing fan favorites of The Offspring, Smash Mouth and Vanilla Ice.

stageTheir attire pulled you back into the 90’s era with the cliché blue jeans and flannel t-shirts to the band printed shirts with sneaks as well as the full jersey outfit. As you waited for them to begin their set, all you could do is reminisce to sitting in your garage thinking of teen angst songs that would get the girls to fall in love with you.

Whether you were a rebel, an outcast, a nerd or a cool kid, being in this band would have made you feel like you were a part of something larger.

The usual music Tricky Dick and The Cover Ups perform is a unique spin on Top Hits with a rock edge, or hip hop swag or even give the songs an upbeat pop tempo. They also played before the Indians Home Opener this year and can find them performing before another Indians game coming up soon!

So keep an eye out for Tricky Dick and The Cover Ups as they are quickly climbing to the top of cover band success! Put the word out to all of your friends and head out to see a show coming near you.

Also, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook @trickydickcoverband as well and become one of their 9,000 followers.

Images courtesy of Tricky Dick and the Cover Ups and used with permission.

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