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Tyler Perry: It’s time Madea retires from the big screen

There comes a point when the laughter feels forced, not natural like it used to be. Remember when Tyler Perry first brought Madea to the big screen? She/he was a breath of fresh air but times have changed.

In the beginning it was comedy. Then it became comedy about family. Then comedy with a message and lately it’s comedy for the money. I hate to say it but Tyler Perry is reaching.

For Halloween, Perry will bring the dress and wig wearing Madea to the big screen again with a recycled storyline. We’ve seen Madea’s family reunion, seen her get a job, celebrate Christmas and go to jail. Now she’s fighting off ghost and obnoxious trick or treaters. Why?

We were doing good without another Madea movie. Actually, I kind of forgot all about her. I do miss the stage plays but the big screen was never Madea’s strong suit. They made money, but it was so watered down that it took away from the original idea. Madea and a bunch of A/B list actors with a weak concept. I’m sorry but I expect more from Perry.

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Where are the Good Deeds and the For Colored Girls? A Halloween movie? I looked for every trailer possible and all of them screamed one thing. Madea needs to give it up.

It’s the same song and dance. Her pulling a gun, threatening to smack some kids around and talking out the side of her mouth. We’ve literally seen this a dozen times. No wonder the government is cracking down on bootlegging movie sites. They are trying to free you to actually pay for this type of crap.

I may take a lot of heat for this but aren’t we the same ones screaming for better entertainment? But as soon as Perry says Madea is on the way people forget that we are trying to move away from the slap-stick comedy and are in search of some substance.

You want to criticize Will Smith for boycotting the Oscars. This is why he did what he did. Instead of stepping outside the box we trapped ourselves right back in it.

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Mark Wilson
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