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Valentine’s Day: Nothing to do with love, it’s about the Sex

February 14th is deemed the day for lovers but, how many actually take that to heart?  I propose we title Valentine’s Day something else. Let’s call it the Day of Sex. Couples go the extra mile for this day. Dinner at the best restaurants, movies, boat rides or anything else one can call romantic. Stores stock up on flowers, candy, and cards and for that one day, that special person in your life feels, well, special. But, what’s the end game?

To get that special person in bed after the dinner, movies, flowers and candy right?

Sex is THE most important factor in Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe me, just try to book a reservation at any hotel on that day. The prices are jacked up and availability is scarce. As a man, I know that we go out of our way to make a female yearn for us on V-Day. That may not be what some women want to hear but if you haven’t figured that out by now, then I suggest you pay close attention to others.

It’s the day for lovers, not couples right? There’s a difference. A virgin can never call their significant other lovers due to the fact they have never made love. Lovers is a term use for a couple that has engaged in sex. What woman doesn’t get herself ready for a great Valentine’s date? The hair must be perfect, the dress has to fit just right and not just any man will fall into Valentine’s Day date category.

More than likely, the date will take place somewhere public and women are very picky about who they choose to spend this day with. There needs to be some sort of attraction to you. Remember, this is the day for lovers, not friends. There is a thought in the back of her mind that the night will end with the two of you in bed together. I don’t care what anyone says, as a man, your job is to let her know how beautiful she is and to make her feel like there is no other woman in the room. She’s ready, she has agreed to go out and she knows what this day is and what it possibly means. All we have to do is not screw it up.

She wants to spend the night with you. This may be the only day where a woman will actually care about matching her panties and bra. She’s done all the work to entice you, now you must show her how much you appreciate it.

The Conversation is good, the food is excellent but Valentine’s Day is defined but what happens when the crowds are no longer there and your alone. She has made herself beautiful for this moment and the rest is up to you. February 14th is the day for lovers but the night is all about the actual act of showing that love.

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Mark Wilson
Mark began his writing career for Yahoo then Rant Sports before deciding to head out on his own at TruluvSports. Now, he is lead NBA writer as well as co-owner of Inscribermag. His topic ranges from sports, Lifestyle, Sex, live streams and more. Mark's work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, MSN, Yahoo Sports and many others. No one is perfect but he does his best to provide fans with an honest opinion and not the saturated, watered-down sports and news everyone dishes out.