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Washington Wizards: Is this the season Otto Porter Jr puts it all together?

The Washington Wizards are more than a two-man team, but until Otto Porter decides to assert himself that’s as far as the distinction will go. It’s easy to look at a player and see a resemblence to past great ones but when I see his game, Scottie Pippen comes to mind.

He has those long arms, great on the boards and the defensive end but yet he tends to fall back and let John Wall and Bradley Beal do the heavy lifting. It’s as if he forgets that he has the firepower to be just as dominating as they are. He may not have the court visit and the shooting touch of them but he has a combination of skills to be consistent 15/10 player.

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There are not too many 6′-8″ guys that can grab a rebound and go coast to coast with ease, but he is one of them. If only.

If he was to belive in himself as much as he does his teammates Porter could be an All-Star by now. The 2016-17 has to be the year he makes his presence felt or the Wizards could find themselves on the outside of the playoffs again. Back in the 90’s championships were won with a dynamic duo, nowadays teams are led by a trio.

The Wizards have the duo but, it’s only so much Beal and Wall can do a nightly basis. They need help and if Porter is not that player then the Wizards may start to look elsewhere.

Every season he has improved his FG percentage but the rest of his game has taken a hit. Not sure if it’s a confidence thing or if he doesn’t want to step on toes but someone needs to sit him down and let him know that the success of the Wizards also rest upon his shoulders.

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