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What if you knew the exact moment of your death?

Have you ever relaxed for a moment and thought, “One day this will all end”? Not the world coming to an end but your life. At some point, it has to hit you and with that so should other questions. But, it does pose an interesting thought.

What if you knew the exact moment of your death?

Not like someone texting you and saying you have three days to live but, what if the moment you were born, it was cataloged, and when your parents were given your birth certificate, it not only said your birth date and time but the date and time of your death. Would that be too much to handle?

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The sad part is, you wouldn’t know until you were old enough to understand. But, imagine if your parents knew the amount of time they had with their child. How would they feel if they looked at the certificate and saw October 14, 1975-November 14, 1975? The horror in that would be off the charts. But, let’s say you made to the point where you knew your own date. How would that effect your everyday life?

At times, I often ask myself outrageous questions like; Why should I pay this bill, or even work when I’m going to die someday? I know I need lights on and money to live while I’m breathing but is it worth it in the end?. Right now, it’s needed but what if I knew the truth?

Let’s say you were going to live until February 13, 2017. What would you do? Would you stop caring about anything and everyone and looked out for self? Would you make amends with people who done you wrong or would you seek the greatest revenge? Would you rob a bank and make sure your family was set for life? Maybe play the Lotto every day in hopes you would strike it rich.

There are countless possibilities to go over. Travel, work, and love, just to name a few would be at the top of my bucket list.

Knowing my death date would change plenty. Depending on the time I was given on this earth I would do as much as I could, not for myself but for the people I care about that will live on well after I am gone. Imagine knowing that time is getting close and you are down to your last week. What would you say to your boss, your kids, or partner? Imagine filling out a job application and they ask you the date of your death. Should that affect the hiring process? Would it be wise to have as many kids as possible to leave a legacy behind in hopes they will do the same?

There is just too many variables to consider here.

The message of this weird article is to let you now that life is short but you still must do what have to do to in order to survive. Live life to the fullest, never takes anything for granted because, at the end of the day, you may not get another one.



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