Who really has control when it comes to sex, men or women?

This is a debate that has gone on since the beginning of time. Who has the control when it comes to sex?

Men or women?

As I write this I can honestly say that it’s the woman who has the control. There are a few reasons how I came to this conclusion. Let’s take a man that’s on the prowl for sex and a woman that’s in heat. Both may know each other and if they do, what does that change? The man can approach the women, buy drinks and offer great conversation but unless she’s willing, he will go home to a cold shower. The control is not his, the conversation and drink ordering may be, but the decision of getting her into a bed is all her’s.

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What about a relationship?

What about it? She still has the control in this situation. A man comes home from a long day at work, with one thing on the mind, sex. He showers, then gets in bed and get hit with this; “not today baby, I have a headache”. He has no control. He can offer his condolences for her plain but he has no choice but to roll over or head to the bathroom to pleasure himself. No control there either.

What about the “monthly”? How much control does she have then? There’s no intercourse going on but to say that she still can’t pleasure her man is nonsense. The woman can still offer a blowjob but most don’t. Why? As I was recently told, it’s because they get nothing out of it. So, for some women, it’s an act of selfishness. If she can’t get off, the neither can he? Another example of control.

What it boils down to is this. A man can want sex all day but if a woman is not willing, we are screwed. I heard a woman say that a man has some control in that situation. I gave her the look of death. A women decides who she will sleep with. All a man can do is hope he gets chosen.

We have no control.

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Mark Wilson
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