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Why Did We Spend 9 Years Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Its been 9 years, 9 years and somehow the Kardashians still have our attention. Why is that? Personally, I haven’t watched the show in a while but what’s the need when their faces are everywhere you turn, especially on the internet and the Google Play Store. Just last night I was coming from work riding the #2 train from Manhattan to The Bronx and there was an ad for Puma, there was young Kylie Jenner in cornrows, posted up like a B-Girl. Wow.

But here is my issue, I have none with them. They are living their dreams, the thing that we should be doing instead of knocking them for doing them. They didn’t make themselves who they are now, we did and while they were busy doing them we were loving every minute of it until it became to be too much. But still, it’s not their fault.

When the show first aired in 2007 I was intrigued, as a man how could I not be, especially after seeing that video footage of Kim Kardashian and Ray J. To be honest, we all have those tapes floating around somewhere and however it came out, be it Ray J, Kim or her mother it sparked the longest 15 minutes of fame in history.

I admit, in the beginning the show was entertaining. It was full of funny moments as we got to watch what seemed to be a somewhat normal family act a fool. There was the mother, Kris and her business-savy mind, Bruce the step-father slash ex-Olympian, Rob, the outcast little brother, Kourtney, the quiet one, Khloe, the outspoken, Kylie and Kendall, the shadows and Kim, the leader of the pack. As a man, all I saw was eye candy, you can say what you want about Kim but she is still of of the baddest women walking this earth.

But somewhere in the middle of this fame it got out of hand. But the main question is, did they fool us or did we fool ourselves?

When they noticed that people were watching to the tune of 1.3 million viewers, what were they supposed to do? They did what the network told them to do, take it to the extreme. There were breakups, baby daddy drama, arguments, fake crying, marriage proposals, rejected proposals, 3- star-studded marriages, a divorce, 2 separations, drug abuse.and then the headliner of them all, a sex change. Man, this is by far the best reality TV show ever. Who cares if it’s scripted, fake, out-of-touch or whatever, damn it’s entertaining.

But it has gone on for too long. Kourtney has gone on record as saying she would not be mad if the show was to end. I get it, you spend all day in front of a camera, then leave that camera to head outside and there are 50+ others waiting to take more pictures of you and sell them to the highest bidder. Your ex-husband (not officially divorced) almost killed himself in a drug overdose and that’s all over the news. The young Kylie is in an on again, off again relationship with some washed up rapper, the brother Rob is now engaged and having a baby with said rapper’s ex girlfriend/baby mother, just too much going on now and the majority of this has taken place off camera.

I can’t keep up with them anymore, I have family issues I have to deal with and after 9 years of watching this crazy family deal with their own demons, I’ve decided to turn the TV off and deal with my own.

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Mark Wilson
Mark began his writing career for Yahoo then Rant Sports before deciding to head out on his own at TruluvSports. Now, he is lead NBA writer as well as co-owner of Inscribermag. His topic ranges from sports, Lifestyle, Sex, live streams and more. Mark's work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, MSN, Yahoo Sports and many others. No one is perfect but he does his best to provide fans with an honest opinion and not the saturated, watered-down sports and news everyone dishes out.