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Why Pretty Little Liars is the best mystery show of all-time

Since the beginning, it was a mystery. Who killed Alison DiLaurentis? Where did Spencer end up as she followed Alison? And the big one. Who was ‘A’?

For six seasons we watched as Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna fought for their lives. They were a force to lie, swindle and anything else they had to do to either prove their innocence and find out the truth. But haven’t we seen this plot before? There have been countless mystery shows throughout TV history but NONE has managed to make you as angry, sad and happy as Pretty Little Liars. And that emotion can all hit you on one episode alone.

But, what makes this show so different? Simple; it’s the storyline. Marlene King took what was a novel and turned it into a masterpiece on the small screen. With other mystery shows, they were more of the 60-minute segment where that week’s crime was solved during that episode. PPL took a 60-minute episode and turned it into seven seasons without missing a beat.

The show begin centered around the death of Alison but as it moved forward it morphed into something greater. Not only did her four friends play a huge role but the addition of outside character has made PLL hat it is today. Where would he show be without the early season’s lost look of Toby or the devious intentions of Mona and Jenna? Caleb comes from nowhere and changed the landscape of the show as the team’s private investigator. Not to mention his romantic involvement with two of the Liars that has shaped season 7.

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This is where other shows have failed. The main characters are still the focal point of a shows success but if you’re unable to bring attention outside of that element or rush the growth of characters you will destroy a show. This is what happened with Castle. They went full steam in the Loksat case and in the end you could tell they hadn’t fully developed the main villain.

Such is not the case with Liars. The main villain is still lurking around and with the death of ‘A’ a new one has arisen, and this one is more deadlier than the previous. For a show to keep it’s audience guessing for seven years is outstanding in itself, but to be able to add other branches and still not see a decline shows a certain brilliance.

Pretty Little Liars will end in the next few months and while we may see a resolution to End Game, that doesn’t mean it still can’t leave us wanting more.

This is what a good mystery show does.

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