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Why the New York Giants should trade for Brent Celek

The New York Giants have been in the market for a good TE since they let go of Martellus Bennett in 2013. 

While Jerry Reese and Eli Manning will never admit it, the Giants offense will continue to struggle until they get a player that can catch and block. 

As many running backs as the Giants carry through the season they have yet to have a 1000 rusher since 2012. The Giants can go the draft route and hope that a young player can step up and fill that void but why not go for a veteran that has been in the trenches for a playoff team?

Brent Celek of the Philadelphia Eagles will be a perfect fit. At one point in his career, Celek was viewed as a top 5 player but age and the emergence of Zach Ertz changed the role he plays for the team. 

Celek still has gas in the tank, evident of his spot duty the last two years but playing with a shaky QB in Sam Bradford last year and rookie Carson Wentz this year, he wasn’t able to get the looks he normally did.

Manning is no Bradford or Wentz. The two-time Super Bowl winning QB needs a veteran player like Celek. His presence will not only boost the confidence of Manning and the ground game but that of Odell Beckham’s as well. With the Giants having no real middle of the field threat, defenses are free to let the linebackers attack the line of scrimmage or drop into coverage, often doubling up on Beckham.

The issue is, will the Eagles be willing to do business with a division rival? The Giants are contenders and the Eagles are in rebuild mode and what team will want to help their rival succeed while they watch from the couch?

A Celek move will help the Giants and a draft pick will do the Eagles justice. 

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