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Why Victoria’s Secret should be boycotted

As large as Victoria’s Secrets are you would think they would be blind to sexism. But they have failed and failed miserably in that department.

By their accounts, women are sex objects. A piece of meat to sell products when they are no better than Donald Trump or rap music. They glorify a certain reputation but have left out the REAL woman.

Models are sexy, not all but most. But how many model figures do you see walking into your neighborhood grocery store or sitting in an emergency waiting room with their kids due to a high fever? The PTA women, the ones that run to the store with rollers in their hair. These are the women that men crave for. Why not you?

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These are the women they need to target. Where are the ads for plus-size women? Not the sizes they want you to believe are full-figured but the real average plus sized woman. With the holidays approaching what are the men looking to get their spouses something supposed to do? What if their woman has a desire to wear Victoria’s Secret products but can’t because of their sizes? How is that not sexist?

How are those women supposed to feel when watching a commercial and see nothing but 100lbs figures running up and down a beach or laying across a bed? I’m sorry, but I don’t see these women on average. VS has begun to cater to the plus size women and even has a few for models but that was due to constant pressure.

Now, we can’t tell a company what to sell but to leave out some of the most beautiful women because they don’t fit into your stereotype is nonsense. Victoria’s Secret products are supposedly for the sexy but, who’s sexy? The models may be cute in the face but us real men like women with some meat on the bone. We like women who consume food, not give it back. And if my wife see’s lingerie she likes but I’m not able to get her what is perceived as the best, then why does Victoria’s Secret exist?

Image a woman going to a store after seeing a commercial and wanting a product only to be told: “we don’t have that in your size”. How is that not seen as heartbreaking and disrespectful? Are full-figured women seen as an outcast? If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder then VS is as blind as a bat. Sex sells but women buy.

To exclude someone based on size is the same as racism. I can offer up 1000’s of sexy plus size women who will look better in their products than the stick figures they currently exploit. These are not the women we lay next to at night. More like dream figures.

But, that’s okay Victoria’s Secret, I’ll stick with my so-called average women. They have too much class for you anyway.


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Mark Wilson
Mark began his writing career for Yahoo then Rant Sports before deciding to head out on his own at TruluvSports. Now, he is lead NBA writer as well as co-owner of Inscribermag. His topic ranges from sports, Lifestyle, Sex, live streams and more. Mark's work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, MSN, Yahoo Sports and many others. No one is perfect but he does his best to provide fans with an honest opinion and not the saturated, watered-down sports and news everyone dishes out.