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Will the NBA Slam Dunk Contest ever return to its popularity?

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The most attractive show-other than the game itself-during NBA All-Star Weekend has always been the Dunk Contest.

Props like Blake Griffin’s jumping over a car and Dwight Howard wearing a Superman costume years ago, have help the image of the Dunk Contest, but the reality is that the Dunk Contest on many occasions has been close to jumping the shark!

NBA fans have not been happy with the Dunk Contest for while now and the Media calls it lame, but its’ biggest critic is LeBron James.

The fans-and the Media-have every right in the world to voice their opinions, but is totally different for rank and file members of the NBA-like LeBron James-to mock a venue which is a big part of what has afford their lavish lifestyles.

Being detrimental from a safe distance, declare himself the winner, while at the same time refusing to compete-or help it-sounds childish!

What’s next? The WNBA? The D-League?

You can not declare, “…I win it!”, yet refuse to compete in it!

NBA Legends have participate in the Dunk Contest before-rose to the occasion-and weren’t scare to put their reputations on the line.

Julius Erving took off once from the free throw line and engraved his name in NBA History Books for eternity.

Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins engaged on an epic battle, on one of these Dunk Contests.

The Great Ones are not afraid of competition-on the contrary-they welcome it!

“…I’m Gonna Show You How Great I Am!”, Muhammad Ali

What the Dunk Contest needs in order to regain its popularity back is a player that’s refer to in NBA circles as a Sky Walker.

The last true Sky Walker to participate in the Dunk Contest was Vince Carter.

Half Man Half Amazing!
Half Man Half Amazing!

Half Man-Half Amazing put on a ridiculous gravity defying display fourteen years ago that’s legendary.

No props or gimmicks, just gravity defying dunks.

The Great Ones always rise to the occasion!

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