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Will we ever get a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends movie?

With Spider-Man getting yet another reboot it begs the question if we will get the true version of Peter Parker as he grows up? After his great stint in Captain America: Civil War Sony decided to join forces with Marvel again and give the fans what we’ve been waiting for since the Tobey Maguire series ended.

Since Marvel decided to bring Spider-Man back to its original roots with Parker being back in high school that opens the door for another possibility down the line. After high school, Parker went to college where he teams up with two friends, Bobby Jones (Ice-Man) and Angelica Jones (Firestar) to fight crime in New York.

As great of a cartoon as this was it will make for a better version on the big screen.

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was the bridge between X-Men and The Avengers. 20th Century Fox, Sony, and Marvel will never come to terms on this happening but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a solo movie of their own. The success of Spider-Man: Homecoming will determine the fate of any solo Spider-Man films going forward but Marvel and Sony could come together and give the fans an entertaining film version of one of the most popular cartoons in Marvel history.

Tom Holland can reprise his role as Spider-Man while they could cast Castle actress Molly Quinn as Firestar, Pretty Little Liars actor Tyler Blackburn as Ice-Man and Marisa Tomei can continue to play Aunt May. With Homecoming focusing on Parker’s youth the next installment much like The Avengers series could focus on Peter, Bobby, and Angelica as a team.

Now, if the three studios can come to some sort of agreement then we could be in store for one epic series of movies. See, Spider-Man and his Amazing friends was the show that brought all the Marvel characters together at once. We’re talking Spider-Man, X-men and all the Avengers. It would be like watching Civil War on steroids with all the appearances. It would be a headache for the writers but if done correctly it would go down in history as the greatest superhero movie ever.

As an adult, there are times where I wish I could go back in time and relive some of those moments where I got lost in TV land. I love everything that Marvel has put out but I’m still looking for that one that makes me feel like a kid again.




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