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Woman Crush Wednesday: Farewell to the beautiful ladies of Pretty Little Liars

The clock has almost run out and it’s time that we bid farewell to the six women that have forever changed the way we watch TV. While the audience is mostly made up of teens, adults will never know what they have missed along the way. I was fortunate enough to get hooked early on and for that, I am forever grateful for the experience. The cast of Pretty Little Liars has dazzled, amazed and shocked us for 7 seasons. It’s painful to see them go and with that, I will offer my farewell salute.

Imagine watching a show every week and seeing the faces of 6 beautiful women as they grew up from texting to cover-ups and murder. Trying to pinpoint the beauty in one is utterly unfair to the others as they each bring something different to any man’s eyes. It’s in their walk, their talk, and style that makes them stand out amongst the many vixens on network TV.  


Troian Bellisario is the nerd of the crew. While most men will often overlook a character like Spencer Hastings, deep down she possesses a beauty that is rare. Beneath the sweaters and designer slacks is a woman who knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. When Spencer loves, she loves hard and till the end. Her love for Toby makes any man feels that he has a shot. Spencer is head-strong and will defend yours and her honor till the death. Her beauty is her eyes. The way she looks at you, it’s as if she can see through your soul.

Lucy Hale is not the youngest of the Liars but she gives off this innocent vibe that pulls you in. Aria Montgomery was the first to head down that forbidden path as she started dating her teacher, Ezra. The couple hid their romance for a while but as it became public we got to see the depths that she was willing to go for him. Hale has the girl-next-door appeal, the one you played basketball with and never took the time to see the beauty she had within.

Janel Parrish is the one often kept out the group and for all the right reasons. Mona Vanderwaal is the black sheep of the family. However, she has a beauty that makes you want to follow her to the dark side of life. She’s a fighter and survivor who will do whatever it takes to get ahead. When times get tough, Mona is the one you want in your corner.

Ashley Benson is not the dumb blonde. It took a while for Hanna Marin to come out of her shell but when she did every man had to be smitten. Hanna is beautiful all the way through. While each girl has had at least 2-3 romances, Hanna’s heart has always remained loyal to one. Despite her being on the brink of marriage, she knew that no man meant more to her than Caleb. She’s the reason why so many want to see Haleb as the main couple standing at the end of destruction. Nothing means beauty more than loyalty.

Sasha Pieterse is all kinds of crazy, sexy and cool. If Mona is the black sheep then Alison DiLaurentis is the Queen of Darkness. Alison is the Mean Girl that every girl wanted to be like and every boy wanted to be with. She started this whole ordeal and if it’s one thing men loves, it’s a woman with a plan. Alison has settled down some and has faded into the background but don’t let the innocent face fool you. Mess with you and you better sleep with both eyes open. Her beauty is dangerous.

Shay Mitchell is stunning. From the hair down to her toned legs. Everything about Emily Fields screams sexy. I love the other girls but every man has their favorite. I would love to see her ride off into the sunset with Alison but something tells me that my favorite may also be ‘Uber A’. If she is, that’s more reason to love her. She pulled off the biggest con of them all. Emily has done nothing but fight on Pretty Little Liars and I can’t wait to see what her final stand will be. Good or bad.

Next month begins the countdown and while it pains me to see them go, I just wanted to show the ladies they will never be forgotten by their male fans. Normally, a WCW is reserved for one individual but today I wanted to do something different. #Loveyouall

If any of the ladies read this, please find a way to contact me just to let me know it was well received. No hard feelings with Shay being my favorite.

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