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Woman Crush Wednesday: Michelle Obama brought class to the White House

Please forgive me Barack Obama for having a crush on your wife but when you look at it, it’s really your fault. Why didn’t you marry an eye sore like Barbara Bush or a mud duck like my next door neighbor? No, you had to go out and get the finest women you could find and flaunt her in front of my face as if I’m not a man and wouldn’t look.

Michell Obama redefines the term beautiful. She is elegant, smooth, down to earth, caring, humble, okay Barack, I get it. I see why she is your wife, but today Michelle Obama is my Woman Crush Wednesday.

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The First Lady never fit her. It was a title given to many women once their husband became President but with Michelle, it was often ignored. You see, America saw her as Mrs.Obama but some of us looked at her as Chelle. You know her, the one at the family cookout who brought that potato salad that you tried to hide so no one will get any. Or the one that when the Soul Train line was forming started doing the Whop all the way down.

Yes, she is a mother, a lawyer and a wife, but name a man who didn’t see how beautiful she was on and off camera. Or, how Barack beamed whenever he spoke her name or when she would speak his. I am not a huge follower of politics but I know beauty when I see it.

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