WWE: Johnny Gargano Is The Next Wrestling Superstar

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Johnny Gargano is slowly evolving into one of WWE’s best all-around wrestlers. He’s got a a following amongst the NXT crowd that one day might translate into main roster success. And Judging by his in-ring work, it won’t be long before he gets there.

Gargano has become a fixture on NXT. The popular WWE program has given himself and tag partner, Tomaso Ciampa, a chance to become major players in the tag team division. And while it has been a combination of the two, it’s Gargano who has shined the brightest.

When Ciampa and Gargano squared off in the first round of the Cruiserweight Classic they put on one of the best matches in recent WWE history. Gargano came out on top, but not before taking a beating. He battled through the entire match, displaying true heart and determination. That’s what has made him such a popular wrestler on the indie scene and WWE.

Fighting out of Cleveland, Ohio, Gargano has wrestled with many organizations, notables being AIW and Global Force Wrestling. He’s been a true champion, and has payed his dues to get to the WWE promise land.

Sometimes fighting in half empty gymnasiums and ballparks, like many other WWE superstars, Gargano had to work day in and day out to become the best at what they do. But Gargano is different, he just has the “it” factor to him that many don’t have. He’s about as solid of a wreslter there is. And you can tell that nothing is held back when he gets in the ring.

Fans respond to Gargano as well, yelling out his nickname “Johhny Wrestling” during matches. The NXT crowd isn’t shy when it comes to letting their voice be heard, and Gargano gets some great reaction from its passionate fans. He’s been a fan favorite everywhere he wrestles, not just NXT.

With all the talk of the new era in WWE, Gargano fits right in. He’s just as gifted as any of the other indie talents WWE has brought in over recent years. He’s got a great pedigree of work that has seen him face off against some of the best talents in wrestling.

Gargano is going to be a massive star for the WWE. Backstage official’s are supposedly very high on him after his match at the Cruiserweight Classic. He will are so receive a tag team title match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. You need to become acquainted with Johnny Gargano now, because he’s the next big star in wrestling.

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