Many shop owners can easily underestimate the importance of certain dynamics regarding shop fitting supplies. Lighting and other key elements can be extremely important, but are often overlooked.

It’s important to remember things like saving space and sign and counter design. Owners can easily get wrapped up in things like cost and look over important design elements. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of ten costly mistakes to avoid when choosing shop-fitting equipment.

1.    Unorganized Shop Layout

The layout of a shop influences a customer’s behavior. The flow of the shop should have a positive influence on the customer and not confuse them.

2.    Ignoring Outside of the Shop

Many owners get so focused on the inside of the shop that they forget the first element a customer will notice when arriving onto the property. The exterior of the shop’s layout can be just as important as the interior.

3.    Ignoring the Point of Sale

You would think remembering to spruce up the point where money changes hands would be easy. However, many shop owners neglect this element of a shop’s design.

4.    Not Being Flexible with Design Ideas

Not every idea a shop owner has will make it into the retail space. It’s important to be flexible with your options and have some backup designs in mind.

5.    Making Sales More Important than Customer Experience

The sales bring the money in, but the customer experience is what drives those sales. Keep your customers happy first, and the sales will become a by-product.

6.    Poor Lighting Choices

Lighting choices make up a great deal of the shopping experience. Pay careful attention to the lighting arrangement of the space.

7.    No Proper Signs

Signs are important in the customer’s journey in the retail space. Give the store’s signage the proper attention.

8.    Average Displays

The displays are the meat of the retail space. They should grab the customer’s attention.

9.    Inadequate Rack/Shelf Space

Items should never be piled on top of each other. The shelf and rack displays should be clean and neat.

10.  Counter Space

There should be adequate counter space at the point of sale, as well as other locations such as customer service desks. Coming up with an efficient layout isn’t hard if you choose the right shop fittings. Use this list as a guideline to boost the layout of your shop!



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