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Short hair for men has always been in style. And one of the best things about living in the time that we do is that pretty much anything goes when it comes to hairstyle, hair length or hair color.

If you are looking for a trendy short hairstyle for men that will give you plenty of options, a mid fade haircut could be just what you have been looking for. Whether you already have short hair and are looking for a new style, or have longer hair and want to make a drastic change, a mid fade is a great choice.

A mid fade is tapered in the middle while a low fade starts above the ears and a high fade starts at the temple. No matter what age, ethnicity or walk of life, you will be able to find a perfect mid fade haircut that suits your style.

Fade haircuts such as mid fades have been around for centuries, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. You can ask for a closely cropped fade or you can leave some length on the top. Extra length on the top is perfect for men with wavy or curly hair as it still showcases your curls while sporting a trendy short hairstyle.

This type of haircut does require regular trips to the barber but once you have committed a mid fade, you will see it’s worth the effort. It doesn’t take that long to achieve and everyone will be impressed with your suave and sophisticated new style. Whether you are clean-shaven or have a stylish beard, goatee or moustache, a mid fade haircut will make you feel like a million bucks!

Still not convinced that a mid fade is right for you? Take a look our gallery of ten of the most popular looks for mid fades and see if we can change your mind.

10 Suave and Sexy Ideas for Mid Fade Haircuts

Curly Long Top

A lot of men with curly hair are afraid to go for a shorter hairstyle for the fear that they may have to say goodbye to those gorgeous curly locks. But, as you can see by this trendy curly mid fade hairstyle, you don’t have to sacrifice those wavy tresses for a stylish short cut. Just be sure to use a curling serum or volumizing mousse to keep those curls in place!

Sleek Back Hair

This slicked back mini fade is ideal if you are looking for a cut that will give you some added volume in the front. The slow fade on the side and the longer front give this flawless mini fade a great deal of fullness and texture. The closely trimmed goatee and the mini fade are disconnected for to give it a slick and polished look.

Caesar Cut

As you can derive from the name, the Caesar cut is named after Julius Caesar and hearkens back to the Roman Empire. This popular haircut is making a huge comeback for men who prefer a short, clean hairstyle. Again, this mid fade cut is disconnected between the fade and the closely-trimmed beard for a refined and dignified look that is still modern and hip.

Short Afro

Afro hairstyles never seem to fall out of fashion and this Afro fade is proof positive. The Mid fade Afro with the disconnected textured beard is a classic cut with a modern twist. It is an ideal choice for men with natural hair who want a trendy hairstyle.

Side Parted Hair

This is another mid fade haircut that is longer on the top to create some fullness and texture. A hard side part will give it a glamorous Hollywood style that is distinguished and sophisticated. Keep your beard trimmed close for a rugged masculine vibe.

Mid Fade Haircut With Beard

If you prefer a longer beard over one that is closely shaved, this voluminous fade and disconnected beard combo is full of texture and style. The right barber will be skilled at matching your mid fade to your beard style. Be sure to keep both maintained with regular visits to the barber shop.

Medium Skin Fade Haircut

Are you one who wants to keep up with the times and sport one of the trendiest mid fades of the season? This medium skin mid fade is full of volume on the top and is great for all occasions from a day at the office to formal attire to a night out with the guys. Ask for volume in the front and apply a quality volumizing product before you blow dry your hair back a bit to give some extra height and depth.

Side Back Mid Fade Hairstyle

If you are all about volume with a sleek and refined look, this side-back mid style fade might be right up your alley. This cut is perfect for adding height to your hair while still giving it a hip and somewhat edgy vibe. A good pomade or gel will work wonders for slicing your hair back for a sleek and polished look.

Mid Fade Haido

Another look that is full of volume yet still sleek and sexy is this slicked back mid fade. Some long layers on the top will add body and texture to this ultra trendy mid fade haircut. If you want to make it look a bit more edgy and rugged, a beard will do the trick.

Short Wavy Hair

If you have natural hair but don’t want to sport an Afro haircut this closely cropped mid fade is perfect for wavy hair. It is stylish and sophisticated yet still trendy and hip.

As you can see, short haircuts for men of any age or walk of life do not have to be boring. A mid fade is great style for the man who wants to look hip and handsome. Book an appointment with your barber today and get ready for a hip new look that will make you a total babe magnet.

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