For car enthusiasts in cold weather parts of the countries, now is the time to store the car in self storage. Remember that car storage for winter means more than just tossing a sheet over it and lock it. Whether you are looking to store your classic car or going out of the city for few days, Self Storage Birmingham can provide you with a secure spot for your car. Before you store car in self storage , the following maintenance tips may come in handy.

Check And Change Oil Before You Store Car In Self Storage

It is a good idea to change the oil before car storage even you are not due for it. Due to oil usage, corrosive materials can develop in it and start corroding your engine if they sit in the car’s tank for a long time. Be sure to drive around, after the oil change, long enough for the engine oil to reach its full temperature.

Keep Your Car Dry From Inside

Prevent your car’s inside from settling in dampness by placing silica gel packs or another desiccant product. You can also consider placing a container of baking soda inside your car’s floor to absorb moisture and prevent the air from going stale.

Give It A Descent Wash All Around

Food wrappers and loose crumbs can gravitate pests, give the inside a decent vacuum and be sure to remove all the garbage before you store car in self storage. Clean the wheels, inside the wheel wells, under the bumper, and mudguards. Give it enough time to dry completely before you store car in self storage.

Locate The Right Place To Store Your Car

Whether you plan to store in car self storage or you’ve space in your own garage, be sure to:

  • Keep your car away from locations with excess moisture

Your car probably doesn’t need to be put in climate-controlled car storage, but the excessive amount of moisture can lead to rust.

  • Store your car on an asphalt surface

Try not to store your car bare earth, as both can expose it to other contaminants and extra moisture. It could sink into the earth if it’s left for a longer time.

 Save Your Car From Pets

Keep small animals and insects from getting in and make themselves at home by closing all air vents and blocking your exhaust pipe with steel wool. To deter pests, you can also try setting mint leaves or mothballs around your car in Self Storage Worcester units.

Think About A Professional Detailing

Most professional car cleaning services will be able to assist you to prepare and store car in self storage. Professionals will help you to apply silica gel to protect your car from moisture. They can also apply wax which will protect your car’s paint from corrosion.

Inflate Your Car Tires To Prevent Flats

When cars are stored for longer in winter, the tires can flatten, resulting in flat spots. To prevent this, inflate the car tires to the maximum pressure factor suggested by the manufacturer. Make sure the tires are cold when you inflate them so you get an exact reading.

Be Sure To Protect Your Wiper Blades

Wrap the blades of your wiper with the cloth to keep them in tip-top shape and protect your windshield from marks.

Disconnect The Battery And Remove It

Disconnect the battery of your car, then keep it in a warm location to prevent the fluids from freezing. It will help you to start easier when you take your car out of car storage. Moreover, try not to store a car battery on a concrete floor because concrete will deplete the battery.

Ensure Insurance And Documentation While Your Store Car In Self Storage

Contact your car insurance agent to ask about savings on insurance while your car is in car storage units Birmingham. You might be able to lessen the cost of your car insurance by making some changes to your coverage until your car is out of car storage and you’re ready to drive again. Many car insurance companies also require you to notify them of the address where you’ll store car in self storage. Determine the requirements of your insurance provider by contacting them.

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