The Miz

Ric Flair once said in his biography, “To Be The Man” he found it disrespectful that the WWF/E Champion wasn’t announced first in matches. He also found it hard to swallow how the company books talent. That there isn’t as much emphasis on title holders rather superstars. Evidently, The Miz agrees with the 16-time world champion.

According to, “In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE Superstar The Miz discussed the upcoming Monday In The Bank event and how it upsets him when the WWE Championship is not on the main event of every single PPV.”

In the days of territorial wrestling, the world champion or the promotional champion was at the apex of the city’s wrestling business. Whether it was a babyface or a heel performer, the match they were involved with was always the last on the local card. Those days are gone forever, where fan sensibilities waver between their fondness for favorites or foes.

The Miz, whose real name is Mike Mizanin, tells that in order for there to be a legitimate superstar carrying the WWE Title on his waist, The Miz should be champion. It’s a page right out of his persona, an over the top A-list celebrity who gets in the ring and performs at a high level and maybe the best self-promoter in the business.

“My goal is to make the WWE championship as relevant and prestigious as it should be,” said The Miz, who won his qualifying match last night on SmackDown to enter into the Money in the Bank match in June for a shot at the title. “Do I think AJ Styles is doing a terrific job as WWE champion? Absolutely.

“But that WWE championship should be in the main event of every single WWE pay per view. It upsets me when I see that it is not.”

It isn’t just what The Miz does in a wrestling ring that makes him one of WWE’s best talents. He is a complete act. Like Flair in the 1980s or WWE superstars Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or Shawn Michaels, the person becomes the act, the central theme of a program. Fans eat it up like ice cream and want more of it in large amounts.

It’s one of the reasons heels are cheered for just as much as babyfaces in today’s WWE scene.

The Miz and Styles may not be on the radar now as a potential title match, but WWE fans would eat up the notion of the best in the business (Styles) taking on an eight-time Intercontinental Champion who is just as valuable to the platform WWE is promoting with its “New Era” format.

“My goal is to not only win the Money in the Bank contract, cash it in and become WWE champion,” said The Miz. “I want to put that title back where it belongs: the main event.”

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