Wedding is a big day in a couple’s life and planning it takes a lot of patience and can cause a significant amount of stress. There are many things to consider to say “I do” in the perfect conditions, so it’s imperative to start putting everything into place as soon as possible. However, you will also need to organize the wedding planning process as well in order for every step to go smoothly.

With that in mind, we prepared 15 expert wedding planning tips and tricks that will help you cross all items from your to-do list.


  • Start the wedding planning in a time


A lot can be done in wedding planning if you start in time and as early as a year before the special date. This will give you enough time to book all the things you want like venue, caterer and even a gown designer. Also, those couples who want to tone up will have enough time to do it without damaging their health with rigorous and harmful diets.

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, this will give you enough time to find affordable accommodation and transportation for your guests. It will also ease up on the obligations and help you organize everything with a minimum of stress and efficient contingency plan.


  • Prepare for stressful moments


It’s not easy to organize a wedding no matter how small or big it is, so prepare for stressful moments. Make a playlist to help you cool off and relax when there is a problem, and use scented candles and oils to create a calm ambience. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help and advice, since you can learn a lot of useful tips and tricks from experienced planners or even your parents.

If you start feeling the effects of stress like having trouble sleeping or feeling agitated, drink melissa or lavender tea to relax. Also, give yourself some time off from planning by spending a day at the spa or simply going away for a weekend to nature.  


  • Be organized


In order to keep everything in check, you will need to create a master document that will have all the information necessary for successful wedding planning. You can have a physical copy of this document or keep an e-version on a server so you can easily access it from your phone, tablet, and computer. Make sure to put all contact details for your suppliers, caterers, and even guests, as well as to divide choirs by urgency.  


  • Define what venue you want



To choose the ideal venue, you need to know what kind of wedding you want to have, as well as the number of guests. And once you have these details, you can start looking for a perfect place to exchange your vows and celebrate a happy moment. Some locations may require special permissions so see that you have all the necessary documentation in time to book it.


  • Keep a close eye on the weather


Weather is a bit tricky to plan for but you can check what it was like the previous year and plan with that in mind. However, if you want to cover all possibilities, choose a venue that will allow you to have a wedding in the open and with an awning or enclosed area in case of rain. Also, ask the meteorological institute in your area what is typical weather for the month you would like to get married if you are unsure.   


  • Create a menu for everyone


To make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, create a diverse menu with labelled ingredients on the cards or servers to explain each dish to your guests. This is especially important for people with food allergies, but also vegans, vegetarians and those who eat kosher, to name a few.  Also, consider making interesting and original drinks like cocktails named after the bride and groom, which will definitely be a hit.


  • Make arrangements for cake early



The cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding and, to have exactly the one you want, you to have to make arrangements early. This is crucial if you chose a popular cake designer since they tend to be booked months in advance. Before you go to consult with the designer, you need to know the number of guests and the style of your wedding since that will determine the size and look of your cake.  

If you already know what kind of cake you would like, bring photos with you but also allow the designer to make it uniquely yours. After all, you don’t want to have the same cake as someone else.


  • Consider another attire for the reception



After you exchanged your vows, it’s time to party and celebrate with your guests. In order for both of you to feel more comfortable, consider slipping into different attire after saying “I do”. This will help you feel more relaxed without having to constantly pay attention not to ruin your gown or tux.  


  • Create unique invitations


There are many great generic designs for wedding invitations, but you can be more creative and send the ones that will be uniquely yours. Hire a local artist to illustrate the cover or make a collage of your pictures to make them more interesting and personal.

For example, you can tell your love story with these invitations from the moment you two met and to when you became engaged. This will be a romantic way to start celebrating your wedding before it officially takes place and creates a festive atmosphere.  


  • Pick your wedding style



The wedding style will determine what kind of decorations and lights you will need to create the right ambience. From minimalist to contemporary-chic, you definitely can’t go wrong if you choose the style you want. If you want to create something completely unexpected, then choose a specific theme for your wedding, like a masquerade ball or tropical paradise.

On the other hand, instead of changing the whole concept, you can accentuate certain details so they would stand out. For example, add colourful features on your gown and pair them up with the groom’s tie, or replace the veil with a feathered hat that will pop out.   


  • Live music or DJ


When it comes to entertainment, you need to decide whether you want live music or a DJ since it will dictate the vibe of your party. Basically, there is no right or wrong choice here, but rather what you would prefer more and what you can afford. If you need help to decide, go and listen to the candidates perform and ask friends and your venue to give you their recommendations.


  • Book a florist


Over the years, wedding bouquets turned more creative and became an art. It’s even possible to replace real flowers with paper ones and even not use floral details at all. For example, use feathers, buttons or butterflies for something fresh, unconventional and distinctively yours. Moreover, make sure to book a florist early since some materials and flowers may take time to acquire and you will also have the opportunity to try different ideas.    


  • Start making seating arrangements


Once the guests are done with RSVPs, you can start making seating arrangements. This is a complicated task since you have a lot to consider, like interpersonal relations and making sure everyone feels comfortable. For example, you can put single people at one table and seniors at another, with table especially designated for your parents and siblings.

However, try not to divide guests to the groom’s and bride’s too much since the idea of weddings is for people to mingle and have fun.   


  • Be prudent with your budget


Go over your budget and see how all your plans fit with it. In case you don’t have sufficient funds to have the ceremony you want, consult with companies like OurMoneyMarket about a wedding loan. Alternatively, you can choose to exclude some things from your wedding plans or try to downsize the costs by, for example, inviting fewer guests or picking a cheaper venue.

Of course, you can always ask your parents to help out and encourage guests to give you cash instead of gifts which would cover some of the costs.


  • Prepare a wedding registry


Preparing a wedding registry will take a lot of pressure from both you and your guests. It will solve their dilemma what to get you and you will receive the gifts you actually need. That way, you will avoid the uncomfortable hassle of returning unwanted gifts or feeling disappointed. Just make sure to apply for a wedding registry in time so your guests can plan their own budgets and maybe even join someone else on the more expensive gifts.

In the end

These 15 expert wedding planning tips and tricks offer guidance to organize the perfect ceremony and celebration of your marriage. With the prepared timeline and defined checklist, you will finish everything as planned and even have time to pamper yourself with a spa day before the wedding.

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