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2016 NFL Draft: Who Will The Cleveland Browns Select? Carson Wentz Or Jared Goff?

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CLEVELAND — Many mock drafts have the Browns selecting California Golden Bears quarterback Jered Goff or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz with the second overall pick.

Cleveland goes into the 2016 NFL Draft with a golden opportunity to solidify the depth chart at quarterback. The Browns are in a position to draft Goff or Wentz early rather than waiting until later. The Browns selected many quarterbacks in the late first round which never worked out.

The best thing about Goff is his footwork. He always positions his feet correctly to make throws which is not common with a lot of quarterbacks. He draws comparisons to Matt Ryan because he is very accurate with his passes. Goff is a rare talent for any draft because he is successful with short, intermediate, and long passes. Most incoming rookies are good with one or two areas of the field. The one thing NFL teams may question is Goff’s size as he is somewhat lean and will need to strengthen his muscles prior to the draft.

There are also some questions about his hand size but it shouldn’t be much of an issue. He passed for 4,719 yards, 43 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season. The Browns can really use a quarterback with pinpoint accuracy. Browns quarterbacks usually fail miserably to throw accurate passes. The offensive line shared much of the criticism for inaccurate passes throughout the seasons but the Browns cannot afford to pass up an opportunity like this.

Wentz has the size and strength to succeed in the AFC North. The only major question regarding Wentz has to do with the competition he faced in the NCAA. Wentz displayed his impressive strength at the Senior Bowl which silenced some critics and gave him the chance he needed to prove he can succeed against better competition. Wentz passed for 5,115 yards, 45 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

The Browns made a move to stabilize the depth chart by adding the 2012 first round pick and former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.  He suffered multiple injuries in his career including an ACL tear in 2012 and a concussion in 2015. However, he has a chance to get back on track.

Cleveland is always in a difficult position when it comes to building this franchise. It would have been difficult to trade up for the Titans 2nd overall pick in the 2015 draft as the Browns would likely have given up the 2016 first and second round picks along with Manziel to have any chance of landing Marcus Mariota. The former Oregon Ducks quarterback was linked to the Browns several times before being selected second overall by the Tennessee Titans.

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